BaseCamp Review – Best Project Management Tool!

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If you are searching for a tool which will help you and your team get more organized, Basecamp can help you!

We all know how difficult and cumbersome it is to work as a team on a project, without any efficient tool which can track all of the tasks.

Here is the answer to all your questions on a project Management Tool1

What is BaseCamp?

Basecamp combines all the tools teams need to get work done in a single, streamlined package. With everything in one place, your team will know what to do, where things stand, and where to find things they need.

Basecamp, formerly named 37signals, is a privately held American web application company based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm was co-founded in 1999 by Jason Fried, Carlos Segura, and Ernest Kim as a web design company

The main tools of Basecamp are to do lists, milestones management, Message Box for private messaging, Campfire for a mini chat.

So you see, basically, Basecamp combines all tools and creates a platform for your team and you to work in a more efficient way.

BaseCamp Review: Must Have Project Management Tool

Name: BaseCamp

Website URL:

Founders: Jason Fried, Ernest Kim, Carlos Segura

Price: Free for 30 days, $99 per Month (All Inclusive)

Overall Rating: 9/10

Recommended? YES

How BaseCamp Works?

BaseCamp, a project management tool, has many useful features for working in a group or team.  Setting up an account with BaseCamp is easy and you can sign in for BaseCamp using Google Account.

BaseCamp enables users to organize people, delegate tasks, and monitor progress right from the get-go

Organizing more than millions of users and that too more than 10+ years, BaseCamp is definitely a top project management tool.

The Pricing of BaseCamp may look a bit expensive but if you make a comparison with other project management tool, it’s quite flexible.

While other Project Management Tools, charge per user, BaseCamp is flexible with the number of users to add.  You can add unlimited users to your account.

You can also create unlimited projects

BaseCamp is one of the best-integrated project management systems, which you can automatically connect to Headquarters, Everest, FreeAgent, Feed, Dashable, Numerics, enRoute, Daypack, Cyfe, Zapier, DashStack, and many more business apps. Signing up and trying the features of this system for 30 days is very simple, as you can even use your Google Account to get started.

Try BaseCamp Free For 30 Days

Basecamp has a myriad of features and allows the company to monitor the tasks assigned to the members and get things done on time.

First of all, it is an innovative solution. All tasks are organized in to-do lists, with due ranges and dates, and assigned employees to avoid all sorts of confusion. The most impressive part is how you get to prioritize and reorder tasks and tailor the system to work up to your needs. At the end of every operation, Basecamp summarizes accomplishments and lets you generate automated reports and save even more time.

Features like Campfire and Massage Box allowed you to chat with all the members in real time. Campfire is more for a group discussion or chatting whereas Massage Box you can send one on one message to the members.

Files manager, is a feature where you can store, link, tag, share, or comment on your corporate information using a simple drag-and-drop mechanism. Notifications, searching filters, latest activity feeds, and automated check-ins will also be available.


Overview of Basecamp Features

Interactive Gantt Charts
Project Templates
Add Recurring Tasks
Set Priorities
Task History
To-Do List
Create Teams/Groups
Document Management
Messaging or Instant Messaging
RSS Feed
Social Collaboration Platform
Issue History
Resources Allocation and Forecasting
Track Project Hours

All these important features are combined under one platform of BaseCamp and priced very moderately for a $99per month.  Considering you can add unlimited members and projects, this is really a cost-effective way to organizing your business in a better way. Also, a free 30-day trial is also available.

Have a look at a short video on how Basecamp works.


Technical details

Devices Supported

Windows Mobile

Language Support


Pricing Model

Monthly payment
Annual Subscription

Customer Types

Small Business
Large Enterprises
Medium Business


Cloud Hosted


BaseCamp offers support through Email, Training, and Tickets.


Pros and Cons of BaseCamp


  1. BaseCamp is a Project Management Tool, but it works more likely as a digital space which enables your team on the same page and up to date.
  2. BaseCamp has a very simple design and feels, so not to worry who is less techy, it’s easy to learn and navigate platform.
  3. It organizes everything in one place so is easy to find documents and hold individuals accountable
  4. You have access to all important shared files in the project folder.


1. Tiny text for important CTAs.

2. You can create recurring events, but not recurring to-dos.

3. The Calendar view/ Schedule doesn’t show a specific task’s progress in details. it will make more sense to calendar/schedule view if the schedule is shown like the progress bar for every task.


BaseCamp is a great Project Management Tool which can help greatly to organize your and team’s work.  Features like add any number of members in your team, unlimited projects made it worth the price.

It could be a great help also to them who want to take online classes.  Many useful features like integrating calendar with Google calendar and integration with other tools including Google Drive and Microsoft, make it a must-have if you are working with a team.

If you have any questions, suggestions regarding BaseCamp or want to share some other useful tool, pl let me know in the comments below.  I would be more than happy to answer all your queries.

BaseCamp - Project Management Tool

Free & Premium



Value for Money








4 thoughts on “BaseCamp Review – Best Project Management Tool!”

  1. Look like a good package. I wonder how does it compare to free tools like the google suite.

    Free trial is always useful. I might test it out myself with my team.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hay Wei,
      I am sure you will like Basecamp, not only it is very easy to manage, but also very cost effective if you compare with other tools and I think Google suite is not free, it charges $5/mo for a basic account.

  2. I heard before about the basecamp, but I didn’t know it is so complex.
    I love the features, which enables you succeed in your goals – scheduling, create teams and the best (in my opinion) Social Collaboration Platform
    Many thanks for sharing this great tool, I will look deeper into it

    • Thanks Marion,

      Basecamp is one of the easiest tool available to manage all your projects in one place, at the same time it is cost effective than its counterparts:)



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