7 Useful Tips from SEO Expert and Website Analysis for Free

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As a blogger, we all know the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the importance of website analysis.  We all try to implement all possible SEO matrics on our website and get higher ranks in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

importance of SEO- summer hotseat 2019

Hot Seats in Wealthy Affiliate are one of the most awaited events every season.  What’s so trendy about hot seats that everyone went crazy over it?

Right you are, Hot Seat is held every season in WA when as a WA Premium member you have the opportunity to submit your website for the SEO Analysis for Free.  Your website gets analyzed by none other than Jay, who has more than 12+ experience as an Internet Marketer and an SEO Expert himself.  He also held WA Live WAbinars every Friday Evening for exclusively for the WA community, which are not published anywhere on the Internet.

Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SEO, and website development (programming, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).  So its always been an even to watch out for.

7 Useful Tips Which Can Improve Website’s SEO Drastically

While doing Live WAbinar Jay shares many tips which can be helpful to all of us.  In this Summer Hotseat August 2019, he shares some very unique tips, which I would like to share with you.

  1.  Internal & External Link Ratiointernal external ratio

Internal and External links are important from the SEO perspective but it is important to take into consideration the ration between Internal Links and External Links.

As a new blogger, many have a tendency to add too many external links to the site, but it may give a bad impression about your site.  It may give a message like you do not have enough content on your site that will be informative and useful to your readers.

So be careful while adding too many external links, 1:1 should be the ratio of Internal & External Links on your site.  Suppose you are adding 5 External Links you should also add 5 Internal links.

Wikipedia is one of the nice external link, which you can add to your blog post without much concern, it is very informative site and will be helpful to your readers to get additional information about the subject.  Try adding one Wikipedia link to your article, it is also an authoritative site, so also helps you from an SEO perspective.

2.  Point New Articles to One which is Ranking Well

Google Analytics is a tool which you can use to find out which of your articles are ranking well in the search engine.

Once you find out which article is doing good in Google, link all the new articles to this article, thereby you are providing more Google Juice to already ranking article, thereby helping the article to get even good rankings.

For e.g  mostly I do product reviews on my site, so you will find that:

Movie Review Profits

Is Notion Cash A Scam?

Digital Profit Course Fake or Real?

are the most popular posts on my site in the last 7 days, but now whenever I publish a new post like this, I also link these popular articles in my new articles.  So that the new reader does not miss out my popular articles, and it will also help my already ranking articles, to get a little bit of extra Google Juice, when new readers click through these links.

3.  Do not Change the URL Once the Article Get Good Ranking

As a blogger, we know that it is important to update our old content quite often, as it helps you to get good rankings – Google loves old updated content.

You may do several changes to update your old content, but if your article is getting traction in Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, do not change the URL of the old article.  You can make changes in meta title and meta description, but never change the URL of a high ranking article.

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4.  Embed YouTube Video

YouTube is huge today, and embedding a Youtube video on your blog post can help you rank higher in the search engines.

First of all, Youtube is a visual medium, and people like to Watch than Read, so when you embed a Youtube video, people watch and your bounce rate comes down drastically.  Suppose you embed a video of 5 minutes length and even if your reader watch it for 3 minutes, it gives positive signals to Google that people are enjoying your content and spending time on the website, which is a good matrix from Google point of view.  So obviously you can expect a good hike in your rankings.

If you embed your own Youtube videos, it can establish yourself as a brand in your niche, as you create more videos and share your knowledge with the audience, it helps to create your own brand.

5.  Images on the Right SideTrust

Images hold immense importance on your blog post as it helps to aesthetics of the site as well as it also helps to break the wall of words, and making it easy for your readers.

It is important to align your images on the right side because we all have a tendency to read from left to right and if you place an image on the left side, it breaks the natural flow of reading.

Also when you place an image on the right side, it nicely wraps around the article, which also looks very cool.

6.  Divide Sub-headings into H2 & H3

Content creation is not only about writing content but it is also important how you present your article to your readers.

Try to break your content in small paragraphs and subheadings, which will be easy to read.  Try to put H2 on the main heading of your article and sub-headings in H3.

For e.g. in this article, the subheading is 7 Useful Tips which Can Improve Websites SEO Drastically is in H2 and all the other sub-sub headings are in H3.

7.  Call To Action

call to action - 7 tips for SEO

How we end our article is also important, it should be always a welcome strategy to end with your article with a question to your readers.

It helps to engage your readers with you, know their opinion and suggestions by adding a relevant call to action like the comment below, what are your thoughts on the subject, let me know in the comments, Click here for more information, etc.

CTA can be anything which will help your readers to know what next step he should take, like Read More, Click Here, etc.

Many times, in an online world, it is better to guide your readers in a better direction by CTA.

These are major 7 Useful Tips which Jay Shared on his latest Summer Hotseat, which will help you to rank your content higher in Search Engines.  Would you like to know how you can rank your content in just 21 minutes?

Click Here to Watch 21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Step

I hope you will find this article helpful in increasing your websites’ ranking in search engines, and if you think it can be useful to your friends, share this article with your friends and family.

I would also like to know if you have any such tips to share with all of us,  leave your tips in the comments below.


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