Best Ways to Communicate With Your Readers

As a blogger, our total focus should be our reader or our audience.  Each piece of content that we create is to help our readers.  The main intent behind creating content should always be to help or to guide our audience and help him make a sound decision.

Unless our content is useful to them, they will not connect with us, also less share and likes.  In the last article, we discuss bots which help us to get connect with site visitors, but the main difference of using the chatbot on site is it helps to connect immediately with your customer.

A chatbot is most useful on the sites, where immediate communication is necessary to get a lead or sale.  But for a blog, it really serves the purpose.  Most of the websites or blogs are informative and about how-tos.

So the main intention of the blogger is to provide good quality content which solves his problems and address his pain-points. As a blogger, I want my reader to read my content fully and then engage with me, through comments or sharing content on social media.

The blogger wants the reader to take action on his content and he guides his reader to take a particular action by placing click to action at the end of his post. He asks his reader to leave a comment, share his blog post or opt-in for the email list.

It is less of an intention to connect with the audience through an automated chatbot.  the major drawback of a chatbot is that it takes away the personalization.  It makes the whole scenario, very automated and without any human emotion and involvement.

So, how can you humanize your brand and communicate with your reader?  Here are some tips on how to better communicate with your audience.

  1.  Engagement with the audience

the importance of engagement with the audience cannot be stressed enough.  We always say that content is the king, but the most important question is for whom we are creating the content?  Mainly for our readers, so it is important to have a direct engagement with them.

When you engage with the audience, it creates a bond between you and your reader, which ultimately creates trust.

2. A picture/ image on the blog

It is always recommended to place a picture or an image of yourself on the website.  It shows that there is a real human behind the blog.

On the other hand, the reader also wants to know who is the author of the blog and when they see an image on the website, it helps them to connect with you easily.

Also, when you see a real human image, the trust level goes up and the reader gets connected with you easily.

3. Responding Comments Quickly

After each piece of content, the writer asks his readers to leave a comment and share his views about the blog post.

So it is utmost important to answer those comments quickly and in a time frame.  If you respond to them quickly chances are more frequently they will engage with you.  The comment section on your blog is a great way to connect with them.

Apart from the fact that comments create a humanization for your brand, it also gives you a good ranking on Google.  When Google sees engagement on your blog post through comments, Google sees it as a good matrix to give you higher ranks in the SERP.

Also it is important to note that comments are regarded as an extended part of your content, also it adds up the total words in the total word count of the blog post.

4. Email- Great Tool to connect with your audience

Emails are one of the best tools to connect with your audience.  Through emails, you can directly reach their inbox, and it’s a great source to directly connect with them.

The biggest benefit of emails is it personalize the whole procedure of online communication. Emails help you immensely to personalize your message and create a greater bonding with your audience.

Also, with a  click, you can reach hundreds of your readers, and convey your message to them, you can also create email campaigns considering their time zone, which increases the click-through rate.

5. Neat & Clean Websitet

A neat and clean website, with proper navigation menu, helps the audience to stay more on your site.  A cluttered, untidy website cannot serve any purpose.

When your site’s content is neatly managed either through the menu or internal links, it is easier for your readers to navigate through your content.  Related posts also help readers to click on them, and read other content on the website.

Google also likes the sites which have content organized through the menu and internal linking.  Internal links are the only way through which Google bots can find your content and rank them in SERP.

6. Pop-Ups

I know you are saying pop-ups are annoying and no one like pop-ups, but if pop-ups place strategically and plan accordingly, it helps in getting better conversion.

It is always better to allow the reader to read your content and then show up the pop-up, it will highly convert.  Because here a reader gets the chance to read your content and opt-in for your subscriber list if he chooses to.

Pop-Ups which are strategically placed in the right bottom of the webpage and delayed until, the reader read the content or scrolls down 50 or 75%, convert well.

On the contrary, huge pop-ups which cover the entire screen of screen annoys the reader, and he may abandon your site.

Also, if you give away any training course with your opt-in, it always converts well.  People now, very unlikely to opt in for a PDF or e-book.  Instead, create a training which will be useful to them.  A seven-day course, or a ten-day training on a particular subject, health-related pieces of training, cooking tips are evergreen topic, for which you can create a useful source of information for your readers.

7. Emotional aspect – One on One training

Besides email training course, if you create one on one training, it always converts better.  As one on one training is more personalized, it also creates an emotional bond between the two.  One on One training can be more targeted as it focuses on one subject and thus, address the real pain point of the audience.

Along with the video tutorial, you can also answer their emails through video format.  VidYard Go Video is a browser plugin, through which you can answer all the emails through video and I think it is a great way to directly connect with your audience.

You can download it through the Chrome Web store.

It always creates a kind of trust, when we see anyone in person.  It has the ability to answer all your emails through your Gmail account.  When you install it, it shows a little icon of a camera inside your Gma is a good resource to create pop-ups for you.


There are some don’ts which you should never apply in your communication with your readers, which will spoil your relationship with them.

Fear Mongers campaign which creates some kind of fear in your readers should be avoided at all costs.  Scarcity campaigns which say that the offer is available only for a few hours or days, which want to take action on an impulsive basis.

Though if the offer is good and value-based, it gives a good conversion rate.  You will also notice some deadline funnel with timer, also converts well.

It is important whichever campaign you create, should give good value to your readers if it is value based, it always converts well.


Positive communication with your readers is the key to have a good rapport with your audience.  As a blogger or content creator, it is important that we provide them value-based content, which solves their problems and gives them a good solution.

There are different ways which you can use to keep in contact with them.  A simple technique like adding an image of yourself on your blog post can go a long way to create a trust level in your readers.

Readers are also curious to know the person behind the laptop and help to build a rapport with them.  It is also important to answer their comments in a timely manner.  If you reply to their questions and give your valuable guidance to them, surely they will return again.

At the same time, it is important to take into account what your readers don’t like.  Huge pop-ups which cover entire screen or pop-ups, which appears the second you land on the website, hardly converts and annoy them.

I hope this discussion will be helpful to you, by creating meaningful communication with your audience.  What is your strategy to connect with your audience, how do you connect with them, I would like if you share it with all of us.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding this subject, pl comment below, and I will be glad to answer all your questions.

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8 thoughts on “Best Ways to Communicate With Your Readers”

  1. Hello, Shubhaangi and thanks for this post.

    These are all helpful hints to help communicate with my readers.  The tips that struck me the most were the one about “POP-ups” and the one about fear monger campaigns.

    Pop-ups really do annoy me, especially when you’re just getting started on the post and this BIG THING pops up before you even read the first HALF sentence.  Sometimes it happens when you move the cursor to the top of the page.  Unless there is a specific reason for me being there in the first place, it’s easy for me just to opt out and find what I’m looking for elsewhere.  Having them at the bottom would be way better Idea and a whole lot less distracting.  Is there training at WA for that or is it an option in the WordPress backroom?

    And the “Fear Monger Campaigns”?  I run the other way.  If the deal is so good, one would want as many people to have access to as possible, don’t you think so?  If you go back to most of those the next day you will probably find exactly the same amount of time on the clock as there was the day before.

    Haven’t done the E-mail list thing yet.  Have to get more traffic to my sight before that happens and build more trust to get people to come back.  Do you think it would be better to start that list as soon as possible instead?  What are your thoughts on that?


    • Thanks Wayne,

      Email marketing is an inevitable part of Internet marketing, so It is best to start email marketing ASAP because it takes time to build an email list, so it’s better to start as early as possible.

      Popups especially placed in the bottom right-hand corner, looks fantastic and if it puts strategically, after few seconds, once your reader absorbs the information, then pop up appears, it converts well.

      Fear monger campaigns, I think a kind of campaign, some marketers believe that, but it is up to you if you want to take or not that offer.



  2. As a blogger myself I totally agree that our focus at all times should be our readers and ensuring that our content is beneficial for them. I, myself, recently learned about the chatbot (Artibot) and do believe that it is an amazing tool. I tried messing around with it but I have not yet implemented in on my site. Can you tell me though if you have tried Artibot and if it would be a good chatbot to use?

    But overall I do agree strongly with the idea of ensuring that you engage with your audience, responding as quickly as you can and ensuring that you maintain a clean website. This article is going to be a good reminder to many writers on how we should continue viewing our readers while being a reminder of why we started writing in the first place.

  3. Thank you for sharing some tips and suggestions about how to effectively communicate with our readers. 

     I am not a fan of pop ups.  I especially hate the ones that you mentioned.  I hate the popups that cover the entire screen.  I also hate popups that show up when I first get to the page and have not had time to read anything.   As a reader, why would I want to give away my email address when I don’t even know if I like what is on the website?   

    This posts reminds me that I really need to give my readers a chance to get on my email list.   Thank you.  

  4. I totally agree with your article, as a blogger myself communication and valuable contents are very important factors for the success of the blog. I’m using pop-ups as well to communicate and offer my readers other opportunities to sign-up and avail other offers from me. Others don’t like pop-ups but I believe if it’s used in moderation then It will serve its purpose.

    • Yes, Gillian you can try different types of pop-ups and see which convert better. As far as training is concerned I think there is quite useful information is available on WA.

      I personally think, let the reader first absorb your content, and then pop up appears, especially in the right-hand corner, in a non-intrusive way, it converts better.



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