Ways to Learn How to Increase Social Engagement Effectively

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Social Engagement is very important to establish YOU as a brand and it is important to learn how to increase social engagement effectively.

If you are new to blogging and content creation, first of all, it is important to create useful and informative quality content which solves users problems or give a solution to their pain points.

But only creating quality content is not enough, in today’s world where social media plays a huge role to make or break a brand, it is equally important to remain active on social media and increase your social engagement.

Benefits of Social Media Engagement

As a content creator and a blogger, we all know the importance of social media engagement but there are certain benefits of social engagement which no one can afford to miss.  Here are some benefits of social media engagement.

  1. Build Recognition of YOU and YOUR Brand

Engagement with your audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest or any other social media platforms where your audience hang out, builds your identity as an authority.

It is important to find out who is your audience and where your audience hangs out, on which social media platform?  Once you find out all these answers, hang out on that social media platform, engage with the people.  Try to figure out what their problems are, and how can you help them out.

Also try to find out what are their pain points, try to give them the best solution, try to connect with them by providing best guidance without expecting any return or conversion(Sale).

When you do these on a consistent basis for an over a time, you become a go-to person for them, which means they started to trust you and recognized you as a helping person without any hidden agenda(sale).

This is the foundation of your brand and once you build a strong foundation, it will become easier to build you as an authority in your niche.

2. Build Trust amongst your readers/Viewers

Social Media Engagement with your readers on a regular basis creates trust among them and they know you will be available in the time of crisis and you provide them the best guidance and solution to their problem.

This trust goes a long way to build you as a brand and authority in your niche.  Never compromise with the quality over quantity while suggesting products and services which will be helpful to them.

3. Build A Loyal Fanbase

One of the major benefits of social media engagement is it helps you to build a loyal fanbase.  Through your content, you are creating followers for you, but when you engage with your readers through social media, they can actually interact with you, they can see, listen and absorb you in their mind and heart.

When you provide them solutions to their problems, suggesting good products which will be helpful to them and make their life easier, with every action of yours on social media you build a loyal fanbase for yourself.  When you become their idol they listen to you and take suggestions and recommendations from you.

4. Gives You Ideas for Future Content

As a content creator sometimes you may face writer’s block or you just don’t know what to write.  But most of the times it happens only if you are disconnected with your audience and niche.

When you engage with your audience on a regular basis, you exactly know what their problems are, where they are stuck, what kind of guidance and information they needed.

It all helps you to create quality content which will be helpful to your readers and if you write content which covers their problems, with which they can relate, they happily share your content with their friends.

5. Helps with Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Social Media Engagement can be on many levels from engagement on your website, on social platforms, YouTube, YouTube Comments, etc.

Now when you engage with your audience on all these levels, your SEO definitely improves magically and gives you higher rankings in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Engagement on Your Website:

Now engagement on the website can be a two-fold process.  First, when your readers left you a comment on your website, you need to answer them in a timely manner.  It encourages your readers to engage more frequently and leave a comment on other posts also.

When people engage with your content, it’s a good metric from Google’s point of view.  Also when you engage with them through comments, all these numbers of words count in the total words of your content.  Let’s say you have written a piece of content which is 1000 words, but when your readers left two or three comments(more the better) on the blog post, you answer them, all these words count in the total number of words of the post.  Now if the comments and your answers add up to the total count of your blog post and it has become 1500 word blog post.

Google has made the minimum word count for a blog post to 1000 words, so when your blog post is a qualitative post with good word count, your chances go up on ranking higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Engagement on Other Websites:

Social Engagement is also done when you engage with other bloggers and leave a comment on their website.

It is the best policy to find out the influence in your niche, and leave a comment on their website.  This is the easiest way to connect with an influencer in your niche.

Now how it can help you?

When you left a comment on any of the website, you must have noticed that your Gravatar(your image) shows up and if someone hovers and click over your name or image, it leads them to your website, if you have mentioned your website while leaving the comment.  Now it’s a great way to draw attention to you and your website.

But it is important to leave quality and useful comment so that other people get curious about you and click your profile image.  Now you have a new source of the traffic to your website.

It will help you tremendously to comment on other 5 websites on a weekly basis, in your niche, it will pepper you all around the Internet, which will ultimately help you to build your brand.

YouTube Comments

Most of the top bloggers today also have their own YouTube Channel, as Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.

Since YouTube is a visual medium, it is very easy to explain things to your audience, especially how-to, DIY, cooking and many hundreds of niches have a great reach of audience.

YouTube ranking is quite easy compared to Google,  also you can monetize Youtube Channel, for all these reasons many of the leading bloggers have their own Youtube Channel.

You can leverage this by applying the above method of leaving a comment on influencers’ Youtube Channel.

Be Cautious while leaving comments, provide useful comments, do not spam otherwise it will boomerang and do more harm than good to you.


Social Media Engagement is the most important factor beyond your website, to build your authority, but it’s important to use it very carefully.

Leaving comments on websites and Youtube Channels is a great way to introduce yourself to a totally new audience, but it’s important to provide neat and well-written comments, which can help you to get traffic to your own site.

The most important thing is to be helpful, kind and positive in your interaction with your audience.  These are some of the ways you can learn to increase social engagement effectively.  I hope it will be helpful for you to get more engaged in your social media engagement.

Do You Have some additional tips on how to engage with social media? if so pl let me know in the comments below.  If you find this article useful, pl share with your friends, who might be interested in the topic.


8 thoughts on “Ways to Learn How to Increase Social Engagement Effectively”

  1. This is a very informative post. I didn’t know that comments were so important in terms of ranking in SEO.

    Some things that I have seen before I starting to make sense to me. Now I understand why the the uploaders on YouTube always post a question in their own comments and then pin it to the top. It’s to encourage engagement and I’m gonna start doing it myself as well, lol.

    Thanks for the awesome post.

    • Thanks Greg,

      Glad you find the article helpful, interacting with your audience is very important as it builds a rapport with them.  Comments on the blog post or YouTube video is very important also from an SEO point of view.  

      Most importantly, it humanizes your brand so always encourage comments and engage with your audience.


  2. Hi! We’re constantly looking for more traffic. And I know social media should be our ally, but so far I haven’t been able to take advantage of it. I really want to build a loyal fan base and establish my brand. I appreciate a couple of things you have mentioned here in your post that will help me towards that goal. Thanks for talking about the point concerning engagement on a website. I didn’t know it could be a two-fold process.

  3. This post comes at a great time for me. I was just thinking of starting a Facebook page for my blog. Now I know how important it is and will start working on it today. Thanks for the great advice and for outlining the importance of social engagement for success! Much appreciated. 

    • Thanks Alex,

      I am glad that this article is helpful to you.  Social Engagement is a must nowadays as social media is a huge thing and immensely helps to brand yourself.

      I wish you all the success for your Facebook page:)


  4. Hi, i really appreciate you on how to increase social engagement, reading your post is educating because i derived benefit of social engagement for my own business (website),  the benefit that i love most is the trust that it create for my readers, all the point in the post are helpful. thanks for the post.

    • Thanks AmDetermined,

      There is no doubt that when you engage with your audience, it creates trust and bonding, which is invaluable.  I am glad that you find the article helpful.



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