What’s a Good Reason to Start A Blog?

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Many people may have asked you this question, What’s a good reason to start a blog?  Right!

I have come across this question many times, and the sheer response of mine was just to express myself!

I am a Reiki master teacher, I know I have something to give back to the community which will helpful and beneficial to them, irrespective of caste and creed!

We are a combination of physical, mental and emotional existence, which is constantly at a stake!

In today’s life, people faced so many daunting situations, and get hurt in the process, healing is not a one time but ongoing process.

There are a ton of people who are not aware of the healing concept- that they can heal themselves!

So for me, that one good reason to start my own blog about  Reiki is to want to make people aware of this subtle ability of healing that we all have and would greatly affect our lives!

You can blog for any reason, would love to know your reason to blog – why you blog?  We will discuss some points here, and pl let me know in the comments below why you blog?

What's a good reason to start a blog

What’s a Good Reason To Start A Blog?

  1. To Share Knowledge

We all have some inherent abilities or you may have acquired some skill, some hobby or passion that you have developed over time. You have in-depth knowledge of any subject or topic, which you want to share with the people.

Your insight or tips can be helpful to many people, there are thousands of people searching the internet for their problems, and need a solution.  You can help them by starting a blog.

2. To create a relationship with prospective clients

One of the reasons to start a blog could be that you have a brick and mortar business already, and want to expand your business online.

The internet is full of opportunities, as more than 4 billion people search the net daily for their problems.

In today’s world, not having your own website, actually means leaving money on the tables.  Having your own blog,  you can leverage your business to any extent.

You will reach many prospective clients through your blog, who are searching for their solutions online!

3. To Create Your Own Brand

create brand with your own blog

One of the most important reasons to start a blog is that it can create a brand for yourself and your company.

Having your own blog certainly creates a level of trust, authority, and reputation, additionally, it also helps to raise your Personal Profile.

Your blog is your personal property, and through it, you can share your ideas, your opinions with your readers.

When you constantly and persistently help your readers with their problems you become their go-to place when they face a problem.

You create a trust and a brand which is helpful and trustworthy with your own blog!

4. A blog helps you to rank in the search engines!

When you start a blog, you create content which will be helpful to the readers.  With the help of keyword research, you come to know exactly what people are searching, what are their pain points.

Using these keyword phrases, it will be easy to get ranked in the search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

When people search for these phrases, they will find your content in the SERP, and thus, they will find you on the Internet, and may get some new leads for you!

5. To Bring People into Your Funnel

As we discussed in above, your own blog is the best place to funnel people and convert them into a lead.

It can be anything like a call, click, walk-in, sign in or a sale!

You can promote things today through social media but having your own blog gives you full control at the same time authority and trust!

6. Make Money through Blog

Many of you are aware, that your blog can earn money for you.  You may start a blog for different reasons, but the fact is your blog earns you money as it grows and as time passes.  As your domain ages, the value of your blog increases.

There are many ways like Adsense, private affiliate programs, guest blogging, sell your advertising space on your blog which you can earn money.

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7. Giving Something Back to the Society

one reason to blog is giving back to society

Apart from all these reasons, one major reason to start a blog is it gives you immense satisfaction.  You share your tips, experiences, with your readers, and when they let you know that your blog helps them in their lives, it gives you satisfaction, that you are giving something back to your society, irrespective of how small it is!

8. Personality Development and Creativity

When you have your own blog, you become more creative.  You need to write, create images, come up with new ideas to write also the way to reach your reader, you constantly need to be creative.

In the process you learn many things, you become more aware of your community, your readers, their needs, problems and possible solutions.  You read more, write more, think more to help your readers.

It will not be an exaggeration if I say that a blog can help you to develop your personality and creativity!!

Final Words

There can be many reasons why one should start a blog, but if you think about all of the reasons to start a blog, I am sure you will agree with me that to start a blog, is never a bad choice.  You are investing your time and money for a Positive Change in Your Life.

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Hey You,

can you pl share your good reason to start your blog?  It can be anything, or maybe totally different from all of the above, whatever may be the case, I would appreciate it if you share it with all of us.

If you have questions regarding how to start a blog of your own or need any inspiration, guidance pl let me know, I will be glad to guide you in the right direction and help you in making an informed decision.

30 thoughts on “What’s a Good Reason to Start A Blog?”

  1. This was such a fun article to read. I just couldn’t not comment. 🙂

    For me, it’s the very first of all that you mentioned. To share knowledge. I truly do believe I can help a lot of people through the wisdom I acquired through my passion. And I am of the opinion that there is not a better way how to make it happen than to do it with the help of a blog. And then, of course, would love to successfully monetize my site as well. But that’s for something later on down the line.

    Thank you for the insights, that Jerry guy really did it. Makes me kinda jealous. 🙂

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    • Hey Rasa,

      thank for commenting and great to know that we both are on the same page!

      Blogging though started as a mere passion for Reiki, slowly I realized how it heals me and a therapeutic impact on me!

      I am really in aw for Jerry, how he achieved his goals, both financially and personally, at such a young age.  How much determination and dedication he must have towards his blogging, we all should take some inspiration from him.  I am not sure whether his army background helps him to be a very disciplined and hardworking person that he is today.

      I wish you all the Success!

  2. Hey, Shubhaangi! Just wanted to share my reason for blogging.

    It’s to have an impact. That is my main motivator. I mean sure we all need to try to make them profitable because of the simple reason that then you have more time to do it (if there is no need to worry about a day job), and that is great. But yeah, for me it’s having impact. I’d really love to one day be an authority in my niche, that would truly make me a happier human being. 🙂

    Other than that, I appreciate you sharing all the good reasons for doing a blog. All of them totally makes sense. I feel there really isn’t a bad reason out there to start a blog. 🙂

    Cheers, and have a Great One!


    • Hey Matiss,

      Thanks for sharing your reason for blogging, and I have no doubt that you will have a great impact on your readers.

      Sure you will become an authority in your niche, I wish you all the Success!


  3. Hi, I am actually working on my very first blog now. I’m not sure if it will be any good but I’ll put it out there and see how it goes from there. Reading this helps me believe I’m heading in the right direction. To tell you the truth, I’m not a very good writer.

    I’m hoping I’ll get better the more I do it. I do believe I will. Thank goodness for spell check… 

     Thank you for this blog. It gives me more confidence that I can do this. 


    • Hey Chris,

      Congrats on Your first website, it’s a huge achievement!  and rest assured you are heading in the right direction, if you are with WA, no one goes wrong with WA!

      Much depends on the individual efforts of course!

      I am not a good writer as well, but for me, my blog is my tool to communicate with my readers, and I try my best to give the most helpful content to them!

      Just try to communicate through your blog, and you will be fine, I don’t think we need to be great authors to write!  As you continue writing, over time you will be polished in your writing skill and you will be surprised how well you can write over time!


  4. When I landed on your website I was looking for a way to make money online. It seems there are so many scams on the internet right now it is hard to believe it when you find a real business.

    Your site is different you talk about writing for money, that writing a blog can make anyone money. I see where you are coming from but you do not explain how long it takes to make money. If I need to make money now how would I go about it? How would I know what to write about?

    If I were to start a blog how would I find a good topic to write about that could make money? It seems to me I would need a niche and then a lot of knowledge about that niche. Do I need to take a course in writing first so that I know how to put a post together? I have never written anything other than a few ads for products and that really didn’t work out so good, not sure I have any talent when it comes to writing.

    One thing is for sure after reading your article it sure sparked interest in a different way of generating an income online.

    Sorry for asking so many questions. Thank you for this post.


    • Murray,

      Blogging can help you earn money but first, you need to understand the process!  For me, when I started blogging, I was not aware of how blogs can earn money, as I was not related to the field at all.

      It’s just that I was stumbled upon WA, and like the idea of creating a website myself 🙂 as I am not a techie person, it instantly hits me, if I can create a website within a minute:)

      Murray just follow the training step by step, and you will be all fine.  I think its always better to follow your passion if it’s your first website.  Over time, you will easily create a website in a different niche.

      If you want a specific training, pl search in the search bar, you will find every possible training.



  5. Loved this article about what is a good reason to blog.  I just started writing my own blog and I am always astounded by the fact that you really can write about anything and I love that you are writing a blog about your passion too, Reiki as well as a blog about helping others start their own websites.  It is a great way to channel your interest, increase your knowledge and share what you know with others.  It really is a win/win situation. Currently, I am trying to create a brand, funnel customers and make money all the things you write about above.  It is not easy but it is fun and very satisfying.  Really liked your inspiring video too!

    • Hey there,

      I think the most important thing is to create a good and quality content in a persistent way on our website, all the other things like brand, funnel, and sales will automatically follow.

  6. Blogging is a very good business. There are so many reasons on why I chose to start blogging. First and foremost, I want to be fully in charge of my schedules and to also achieve financial freedom. I hate it when my boss detects for me on how to do things that are too personal for me. They do this probably because they are paying my salary. By the time I achieve my financial freedom,  I will sack my boss and be fully in charge of my schedules.

  7. Awesome Information. What an incredible blog post! This is one of the most comprehensive review I have ever read. I can categorically say that  blogging is the most common way to make money online. The tips in the post are really helpful and serve as a knowledge added to me. The one that really inspire me most is “Create a customer person” which entails thinking  about their location, their job, their car, their family, house, clothes, hair etc. and being specific. Also a good strategy aids sustainability. This is a value adding post indeed with many awesome tips.The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is enormous  and can never be compared with any other platform in the world. There are tons of lessons to help you fully understand the wide scope of affiliate marketing and blogging. There are also awesome tools like jaaxy, site health, site feedback, site comments and domain registration. I am very sure newbies will find your review very helpful.

    • Honestly, WA has no competitor, and way ahead of any online or offline platform, as you mentioned creating Gravatar of our readers certainly helps a lot!

  8. Shubhaangi,

    Thanks so much for sharing this article! I found myself nodding my head in agreement with you throughout it.

    I began my blog in May of last year, and it has changed my life in so many ways-for the better, I might add! And yes, it’s a place where I get to express myself & share my expertise. I love the whole process now that I know a little bit more about what I am doing! Through my blog, new friendships have developed and new customers have shown up looking for my services.

    So, thanks for sharing this article. It helped me to realize again the wisdom of my decision last year to launch out into this place I’d never been before!


    • Kenvin, glad that you find my blog useful.  Blogging helps in so many ways on a personal and emotional level, you develop as a person and a blogger also, while communicating with different audiences.

  9. Starting a blog is quite important. We learn things every single  moment in time. One important reason to create a blog is to share information and create your own brand or personality. Another reason is because blogging is very lucrative, whether its an entertainment, educational or otherwise. No matter the field you chose to blog about, there is a Large audience waiting for you.

    • You are absolutely right Mikay, whatever niche you choose, people need good and informative content which helps them with their problems.

  10. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.startinh a blog requires time, energy and sweat. It’s also a way to give some meaningful information to the society,blogging is money but not an easy thing to do. Blogging means platform for knowledge depending on your niche. This article is so helpful. I think I will also put more effort in my blog. Thanks for the insight. 

    • Thanks Adamu,

      As any other profession, blogging also needs effort and hardworking.  It needs you to learn different skills, so overall blogging is a process, which helps in personal development.

  11. Blogging is very beneficial to attach and attract the attention of people who are always busy with social media. By using your products and services through the blog, you can explore life – changing experiences that people can get. Not only do customers want products, they also want unique experiences that blog can create. It is not enough, for example, to list products or services on the website. It’s because thousands of firms follow the same methods. I’m new to blogging, so I’m gathering all the infos I can lay my hands on, thanks for putting this out, it’s such a great information. 

    • Blogging and social media have different dimensions, but both are interdependent,  good content needs social media to get visibility and social media also needs good content.

      Google also rank those posts which are qualitative and informative.  I wish you all the success in your blogging!

  12. Great reasons here man! Thanks for writing! 

    I totally agree with your reasons to start a blog. For me, it’s really essential because it gives me a freedom and flexibility to lead the lifestyle that I want. It definitely takes work, which I’m ok with, but it provides a kind of freedom and ownership over my living that is hard to get anywhere else. 

    Working for someone else takes away so much of your choice in life. It ties you down to someone else’s dreams and wishes. It’s often suffocating. Not every job or career is that way, but millions of them are. With affiliate marketing through a blog you’re not limited by what someone else has decided you get to be paid. It’s limitless. The freedom of choice is amazing. 

    Also, sharing knowledge to help others is an awesome things, like you’ve said! 

    • You are absolutely right, blogging and internet marketing is full of great opportunities and certainly it gives you freedom!

      Sharing your knowledge and helping people certainly gives you more satisfaction!

  13. Thanks for this article on what a good reason to start a blog. Firstly I will say this questions varies from individual to individual  and one of the reasons you write in this article goes in line with why many blog. Personally I started blogging to earn passive income. But along the lines I discovered that is not about only the money,you must have passion for the job before you can be successful in it

    • Yes, blogging is beyond money and monetization.  Certainly, it also earns you money, as having a website creates so many opportunities.

  14. Hey! Great write up. Blogging is cool, did I say cool? Blogging is great and different people has different reasons for blogging. You just captured  and summarized most of the reasons people blog. One thing I love about blogging is that there is not stipulated guideline on how a person can write. You know, you have the freedom to choose the niche you want, you write on topics you are passionate about.

    I love bringing online/remote job opportunities to my readers and derive joy in seeing that I have been able to affect some lives positively through my blog. In a nutshell, you get to make money while still putting smiles on the faces of your readers.

    • That’s so cool Gracen, you are doing an amazing job, Congrats!

      Blogging gives you a kind of freedom, especially if you are writing on your own blog, it has no restriction, on how  and in which language you communicate with your audience, helping them and providing them value 

  15. There really are many reasons to start a blog. And I totally agree with you, starting a blog is always a positive investment.

    I started my own blog because I wanted to grow a community of like minds. It has not been easy, but the passion I have for my niche keeps me motivated each day. I always believe if we do things for the right reasons, we would always find ways to stay motivated. 

    Thanks for sharing, regards


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