7 Best Ways to Make Money On the Internet

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After the success of the 4 Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Stay at Home Moms, many asked me about what are the best ways to make money on the Internet.

Internet is full of opportunities to make money and with the growing trends of online shopping and transaction increase, many more opportunities going to avail.  As a stay at home mom, how can you leverage these opportunities?

  1. Create Your Website

If you observe the online trends, you will see that every day new blogs are published and it is estimated that nearly 2 million blog post publish daily.

Today blogs are more than just a personal diary, it is seen more like an online asset, which you can leverage in many ways.

Build Your Business:

Today you can build your online business through a website, it is a powerful tool to brand yourself online.  Not having a website is seen as unprofessionalism.

You can create a fulfilling and profitable business through a website.  You can literally turn any of your hobby or passion and earn a handsome income through the website.

So if you are trying to earn money online, having your own website is the best asset you can have.

Improve Business Credibility:

Any business with a strong online presence through a nice and well-maintained website can increase credibility and trust among people.With a website, your visitors can contact you 24×7, and thus increases a sense of trust in your customers.

Build a Strong Relationship with Your Market

With a website, you can build a strong relationship within your niche.  When you write useful and valuable content through your content, you establish yourself as an authority and go to person.  When you help people through your website, solve their problems, you create a bond between you and your clients.

If you follow a good work ethic, you create a strong relationship with many other entrepreneurs, which will help you in the long run.

Efficient Way to Promote Your Business

Website is the easiest way to promote your business.  You can promote your business, by educating people by writing informative posts, create awareness among people about your product and services.

It is more cost effective than any other media to promote your business.  If you want to promote your business through a paid ad or through ad on TV or Radio, newspaper, you need to pay a considerable amount for advertisement.  But on your own website, you do not need to pay a single penny to anyone.  You can daily post on your website without getting extra charged for it.

Boost Your Reputation as an Authority

Creating valuable and quality content through your website, and helping them to solve their problems, will slowly establish yourself as an authority.

Do not focus on making a sale, first try to help them, once you establish yourself as an authority in a niche, sales will follow.

It is ok if you are not an expert, as you engage with people and your audience, understand their pain points and offering them a useful suggestion and services slowly you become an expert.

Create a Tool for Sales Generation

Ultimately you can sell your services and products through your website.  You can create a shop on your website if you wish and generate sales.

You can offer discounts, on your website on the main events throughout the year to generate more sales. Also, it becomes easier to sale your audience when you have created a bond and relationship with them.

Showcase Your Work

One of the major benefits of a website is that you can showcase all of your products and services very easily.  In a brick and mortar store, you may need to confine your products if you have limited space.

So these are some reasons where having your website can be immensely helpful.  Today creating a website is very easy and you can create your website within a minute.

Once you have a website, you can monetize it in many ways, which can earn you additional money.

Once I was totally ignorant about how to make websites and make money through it.  But luckily I stumbled upon WA platform, which teaches me to create websites and generate income through it.

Wealthy affiliate gives you two websites for free, and I found it is the most advanced online platform to build your online business.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand.  You can promote trillions of products through your blog and earn a full-time income from it.

You can choose any niche or hobby to blogging about, but if you help your readers to solve their problems, offer them a solution through useful and quality products, people will buy from you.  Affiliate marketing is nothing but offering a relevant product or service to a relevant person or buyer.  It is important to remember that people don’t buy products, the majority of times they buy a solution.

You can join any affiliate program for free and there are some major affiliate vendors like

Amazon Affiliates,



and many private affiliate programs like Apple, Nike, and so on.

3.YouTube Channel

Creating your own Youtube channel is a great way to multiply your income.  Youtube is the second largest search engine, so you can create your own Youtube Channel and create useful and informative videos for your audience.

You can monetize your Youtube channel, once you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time per year.  though it sounds difficult, it is not so.  If you just go through all the videos on Youtube in your niche, you will find that most of the videos are old and there is a huge scope for new and fresh content.

Many small channels also able to monetize their Youtube Channel and are earning thousands of dollars from it.  YouTube shares 55% of its ad revenue with video creators and books an average of $7.60 per 1,000 ad views.

You must have heard about seven years Ryan who earned $22 Million through his Youtube Channel.  So if you make quality Youtube videos, on a consistently, it is easy to earn money from Youtube.  Most of the YouTubers create videos on a daily basis, and that is the secret of their success.

4. Guest Post as a Freelancer

Freelancing is another way which you can earn money online.  Once you get to used to write regularly, you can try to write a guest post for other websites.

Guest posting can help you to establish yourself as a writer as well as an authority in your niche.  Guest Post also helps to drive traffic to your site.

But you might think about why should you publish your content on another website than your own?  But guest posting can help you in many ways.

Guest Blogging can earn you a good source of income. For a Quality content of 500 words, you can easily charge $50 or more.  There is a huge demand for a quality content creator, so if you can write quality content you can charge accordingly.  Also if you have additional knowledge of SEO, you can ask for greater pay.

One of the biggest reason, people offer guest blogging is quality backlinks.  It is one of the major metrics for Google to rank websites in the search engines.  So when you publish your blog post on an established website, it helps to get a good backlink, which in turn helps your website to rank higher in search engines.

But still, it is important to note that relevance is the key for search engines.  So write for a relevant niche website.  if you are in a gardening niche, it will be irrelevant to write for a cooking website.

So when you write for a relevant niche, Google rewards you by giving higher ranks in the search engines.  It also helps to increase your organic traffic to your website.  More Traffic = More sales = More $$.

5. Google Adsense

Once your website is established and gets good traffic, Google Adsense can make money for you.  Google Adsense is an advertising program which can help you make money by posting ads on your website.

Since Google acts as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers, it provides a high level of security and safety.

It is easy to create an Adsense account, you need to insert a small amount of code into your webpages. Google will display targeted ads on your page that’s relevant to the content of your website, your website visitors will start clicking those ads and you will be paid for it.

Google Adsense works on a cost-per-click and revenue sharing basis. It charges advertisers per ad click and publishers get roughly 68% of the click amount. Publishers’ commission heavily depends upon the competition in the niche. In practice, the commission per click can range between $0.20 and $15. The majority of niches bring less than $1 per click to publishers.

But once your site is established and drive traffic, you can earn a good amount of money.

Highest Earner of Adsense.

Website- Businessinsider.com

Estimated Website Worth- $700,000,000

Estimated Website Earning/Month- $4,000,000

Estimated Website Visitors/Month- 200,000,000

Alexa Global Rank- 372

It’s just an example of what is possible through Adsense, but it is also important to note that this website is well established and almost 10+ year old.

Also, it is important to note that the older your site, more possibilities of earning higher revenue.

6. Online Consulting

Through your website, you can give your service as an online consultant, irrelevant to your niche.  There is always a need when people want to consult and take advice from an experienced, educated and reliable consultant.

There is a huge scope for a consultant,  and people need their services.  If you have a website about parenting, you can always give your service as a consultant on your website.  When people trust you, they are ready to take a piece of advice from you.

You can charge for your services on an hourly basis,

7. Creating Your Own Digital Product

Creating your own digital product though seems very daunting, it should not be.  Once you get hold of your niche, and your viewers, their problems and solutions you can provide them, you can easily create your own product.

It can be in any format like e-book, e-course, video content, audio content, etc.  Udemy is a big market place, where you can sell your digital products.

Of course, you can sell digital products on your website, and your readers love it.  On my niche site reikiamazes.com, I sell my Reiki courses and it helps you to make money online.

the major benefits of digital product are Digital products lasts forever, never out of stock, easy to manage, sell and deliver.



There are many ways of making money online, some can earn you cents if you join Get paid sites, I have tried them all and found that it is a huge waste of time.  After some years, you find the tasks very repetitive.

Instead, create one source of Income which will provide you a full-time income.  Creating online business through websites has many benefits which will discuss above.

These are some online trends which are most popular today and generating income of millions of dollars.

One of the best option to make money on the Internet is creating your website, what I love about creating websites is as they grow old, they generate more revenue for you and your family.  How cool is that?

Also, once you set up your website properly, you can leverage all of the above options through your website.  Heck, you can add every single above mentioned ways to make your money online.

You can just imagine, if you leverage all these techniques on your website, slowly but steadily, how much money it can generate for you.

Of the above, only one – guest blogging, you need to try on some established website, other than all the methods you can apply on your site and make money through it.

One Website and One Decision Can Change Your Life!

So, here is my gift two you: Free Websites for creating your Online Business.

If you have any questions or comments pl leave below in the comment section and I will be glad to answer them.

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