What’s the Best Way To Do Keyword Research – Absolutely New NinJAY Tricks!

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Keyword Research, is the foundation of any online business, without keyword research, one will not properly understand what the people are searching for, so what’s the best way to do keyword research.

Keyword Research is a phrase or a word, or a query which people type in the search engines, to find out a solution to their problem.

So when you have accurate data about keyword research people are doing, you can help them with a proper solution to their problem.

The most important matrix that you need to concentrate on while doing keyword research is relevance.  Relevance can be defined as, “the quality of being directly connected with and important to something else” according to MacMillan Dictionary.

It is important to find out the relevant keyword, what the audience is searching for.  If you figure out what the intent behind a search or a keyword, you can provide them valuable information through your blog post.

What’s the Best Way to do Keyword Research?

There are many ways and tools which will help you to do keyword research.  One of the popular methods is of doing Google Alphabetical soup, and many of you may be aware of it.

Whenever you type a word in Google, it shows you related other words.  To leverage this, you can type your keyword or phrase in Google and type alphabet a, and it will show automatically all related words starting with the letter “a”.

There are many other popular keyword Research Tool available, you can use any of them.  I prefer Jaaxy, for its sheer accuracy and simplicity.

But I will show you some ninJAY tricks, which I learned in our Weekly Free WAbinars at Wealthy Affiliate, in which Jay, every week discuss a topic and helps thousands of members to improve their website rankings.

For e.g. for this blog post, I was searching for a keyword, which will help me to rank in search engines, so I search the term – What’s the best way to do Keyword Research – in Jaaxy.  According to Jaaxy, the results are Great.

It showing me 72-13-11-Great-93, which is Average-Traffic-QSR-KOI-SEO.

Average: Average monthly searches for the keyword

Traffic: gives you the average monthly traffic, you can expect for the keyword.

QSR: the most important one, is the competition for the keyword / or the total web pages available all over the world for the keyword. Lower is the better. which means low competition and the higher number of chances to get ranked in Google.

KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator, really easy to understand, nice visual representation for keywords, green for great, go for this keyword, yellow for OK and red for no, a very poor keyword for getting the ranking.

SEO: The most amazing feature of Jaaxy, it is a calculation based on traffic and competition. The higher the better, it scales on 1-100. The higher number indicates you will rank for this keyword on the first page.

But if you search the same term in Google, you will find it has a very tough competition, more than 21,30,00,000 results.

so, is Jaaxy giving wrong data? NO.

Here is a ninJAY trick,  search the same phrase with quotes, and you will find that searches are coming down drastically as low as 6 or 7, so Jaaxy is giving correct matrix to you.

Want to Try Out Jaaxy, Here are 30 Free Keyword Searches

So, here is a good keyword, for which you can easily rank if you take into account some more considerations.

With the term -What’s the Best Way to do Keyword Research – you will find a very tough competition with some big and established names like Ahref, Neill Patel, backlinko.

But with the few results for quoted results, you have a better chance to rank.

  1. If there is no video on the SERP, you can add your own video in the blog post, and it will help you to rank better.  A video should be around 4 to 5 minutes, so the audience will be on your page for approximately 3 to 4 minute.  When your reader stays on the page for more than 3 minutes, it will be a matrix for Google to rank you higher.  It means you are giving valuable information which is useful to your reader.
  2. You can also see if the video is not fresh and a year old or so, you have added benefit by providing fresh content to search engines.
  3. Go through all the listings on SERP, and try to find out if there is an affiliate website, which you can easily rank.  You can also use an SEO Tool like Ahref, or SEO Q, Moz bar, which is free and can be leveraged to get enough data about any website.  You can find out keywords for which the website is ranking, domain age, page age, and other matrices, and see where you can outcome to that website.
  4. Another important SEO ninJAY tip always has a keyword in Blog post Title, meta title, meta description and in the 1st paragraph.  After that, you do not need to do keyword stuffing.  It is more than enough to rank you higher in the SERP.
  5. If possible, try to find out the published date of the blog posts in the SERP.  If it is not updated or older than a year, you can easily outrank, as Google gives preference to updated or new fresh content.


Keyword Research is one of the most important techniques, which can help you immensely to rank higher in search engines.  But it is also important to modify your techniques with Keyword research, as Google always changes its algorithm for ranking websites in the SERP.

I hope with all the above ninJay tricks, you get a new perspective on how to do keyword research and which matrix you should check, before choosing a keyword.

If it is too competitive, always do a quoted research for the term, you will surely find that there is a good chance to rank with that keyword if you take into account few above-mentioned tips and apply them in your blog post.

If you any such tricks regarding keyword research, pl let me know in the comments below, also if you have any questions regarding it, feel free to post and I will be more than happy to answer them and guide you in the right direction.

Do you find this post useful, pl share it with your friends and family, who do you think it will be beneficial?


4 thoughts on “What’s the Best Way To Do Keyword Research – Absolutely New NinJAY Tricks!”

  1. Hi Shubhaangi,

    Your article about keyword research is informative. I’m just starting out in affiliate marketing myself. It’s a lot to take in. Learning terms such as SEO felt impossible at first, but I’m finally gaining a grasp on it. I love using Jaaxy too because I feel it gives me the most accurate keyword information to rank. Thank you for writing such an informative post. I’ll be referencing it in the future.


    • Thanks Spyells,

      I can totally understand Shane, When I started out I was completely ignorant about SEO, and felt like what the heck is it? But today I am giving my services as Local SEO!
      Wealthy Affiliate really changes your life.
      On keyword research, yes it is the most important thing to do before creating any content and Jaaxy is the best keyword tool so far, I come across. It is really simple and easy to understand the data.

      Anyone can try out Jaaxy for 30 free searches here.

  2. Great base for taking keyword research further Shubhaangi! It’s good to see a video occupying #2 spot on the search results. Most people do not know how to optimize a video entry for SEO purposes and so it can be fairly easy to outrank that video.

    • Yes Dominic,

      AS such Google seems to prefer Video over other forms of content, so if you know how to leverage Video Content for search engines, you definitely have greater chances to rank on Google.



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