Earn While You Learn with Wealthy Affiliate – A Rare Opportunity.

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Earn while you learn, a great sounding opportunity, right? It’s always on a safer side if such an opportunity is available on any platform.

Wealthy Affiliate introduced a new feature where its members can earn while learning their online skills.  so let me introduced you to how you can earn while learning with WA, what are the different ways in which you can earn with WA, and what is the Wealthy Affiliate all about.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Community dedicated to Affiliate Marketing and Blogging. But your learning is not limited to blogging and affiliate marketing, but you learn also a ton of other skills like SEO, image optimization and image editing, how to create your own logos for branding your business, Social Media Marketing, Youtube Channel Creation to name a few, for which you pay thousands of dollars on other platforms.

All these pieces of training are all included in your premium membership and once you are a premium member, you are not demanded a single penny from you.  No upsells – that is one of the most important features of Wealthy Affiliate.

Live Webinars each Friday evening by Jay, is another extremely useful source for learning.  Each Friday, Jay walk you through a subject which will be useful for your online business, like SEO, Setting up your website, Content Creation and Content Marketing, Facebook Trainings and so on.  That’s also included in your premium membership, totally free.  Just think about the Seminar charges you pay for each of you attends otherwise.

Wealthy Affiliate is One Place where you can build your Online Business Under One Roof!

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After reading about Wealthy Affiliate, I know you must be interested in knowing how you can earn with WA while learning.  You can earn with WA in many different ways.

How you can Earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has two memberships – Starter and Premium Membership.

1, Starter Membership is free to join for life, you can join WA for $0, and if you wish, you can be a free member for life.

2. Premium Membership is $49 monthly and if you choose to take the advantage of Black Friday Offer, you get a discount of almost 50%, just $ 25 a month.

If you want to build your online business, on a solid foundation, I know you would not want to miss this Black Friday Opportunity.


 Let’s discuss the earning opportunities with Starter Membership

As a Starter Member,

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community!

Commissions are $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter for Premium members.

As a Starter Member you earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate has a plethora of training available, actually, WA has the most extensive training program available on any platform.

So here is your opportunity to share each of this training, each blog post ( millions in number) through social media accounts, or literally any way you prefer to share your affiliate link.

Once you registered with WA, you get your affiliate link for each of the pieces of training automatically created for you.

Where to find your referral link?



Here is the training I created for WA community, in this screenshot, you will see a box as “affiliate”, if you click the tab, an automated affiliate link will appear.  Now grab this affiliate link and share it on every social media profile, with your friends and family.

Whenever anyone joined through your affiliate link, you get the affiliate commision, and affiliate cookies are set for lifelong,

Premium Members, of course, has many more opportunities to earn while learn.

Referring People to WA

As mentioned above, every member of WA gets the opportunity to refer WA to others, and earn revenue.  When you are a premium member, your earnings get doubled.

  • When they set up their account and when they upgrade to Premium

When your referral set up their account and profile, you get $1, and $8 in the first month, as new premium members get discount for the first month to $19 as against $49.

Read more on How to Get More Direct Referrals – Get More & Earn More

Site Comments

New Site Comments introduced within WA allows premium members, to comment on other members blog and earn $1 for two comments provided.

Read More on Site Comments – Important Matrix for Ranking

How Do You Qualify

The criteria to become a certified commenter is based on a 30-day history.

  • Minimum of 50 comments offered
  • Minimum of 80% approval rate
  • Maximum of 20% skip (not interested) rate

Let’s do the math!

Each APPROVED comment earns you 1 Cash Credit as a Certified Commenter.

Each Cash credit is worth .50 cents.

5 quality comments a day = 150 comments a month @ .50 = $75.00

Other Opportunities for Premium Members

1. Site Feedback and Domains Purchased by your referrals.

2. You can earn credits also by providing Site Feedback for WA member’s sites.  When one of your referral buys domain here at WA, you also get a  commission of $1 per domain.

3.Creating Training for WA community

Every Premium member, after 3 months of completion of membership, gets the opportunity to share their knowledge with the WA community and earn a commission.

At the base level you earn $5, for each training you create, and as you get more likes and shares by community members, your training level goes up and also your earning.  If your training reaches the second level, you get $10.

So you see, Premium members have many more opportunities to earn while you learn!

Pre-requisites to Earn with Wealthy Affiliate

The only pre-requisite to earn with WA is to be a WA member.   If you become a Premium member, You spend $47 monthly or $ 25 if you take the Black Friday Sale opportunity.

Once you become a premium member, you have many opportunities to earn while learn at WA.  Let’s do a simple math, as mentioned above even if you just decided to Site Comments, you earn more than you spend!

Each Cash credit is worth .50 cents.

5 quality comments a day = 150 comments a month @ .50 = $75.00


So, Friends, You have a great opportunity to earn more than you spend and at the same time, building your online business.  Have a look at what is the difference between Starter and Premium Membership.

WA membership options

If you have any queries or need more information about how you can earn while learn with WA, feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to guide you.

10 thoughts on “Earn While You Learn with Wealthy Affiliate – A Rare Opportunity.”

  1. Hi Shubhaangi,

    Thanks for this clear and comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate-Earn while you Learn. I totally agree with you that this is possible that Wealthy Affiliate seems to have so much to offer. I not that I have think of that there is no other platform in the internet that provide this kind of benefits to it’s member where we are given the chance to earn while we are learning the ropes of internet marketing.

    • Thanks Glenda,

      Wealthy Affiliate offers a great opportunity to every member of WA, be it Starter or Premium.  Of course, Premium members have much more opportunities than Starter members.

      The WA training is second to none, and yet, I have to come across the platform which provides such a extensive training to its members, without charging any extra penny for it.

      If you want to learn more about WA training, read What’s so Important About Wealthy Affiliate Training?

      I hope you will find this useful.

  2. Hi Shubhaangi,

    A very interesting article, I used Wealthy Affiliate as a free member about three years ago, I was extremely impressed with the learning materials and the potential to earn promoting Wealthy Affiliate. What they didn’t have at the time is the opportunity to make money by providing quality comments for sites, it sounds like there is now even more potential to earn.

    I’ve seen that the black Friday deal will be available soon, would you advise waiting till then?


    • Nate,

      Great to hear that you are a  WA member from last three years.   WA offers all the tools and training to  build a sustainable online business.

      WA training is so unique, that even a person like me who does not have any technical knowledge can learn and  run her business without any hassle.

      WA platform is ever evolving and the most up to date online platform. Wa has introduced many changes and updates which can help its members to earn while learn.  And I think is the most important update, as it’s always painful to see WA members leaving this platform just because of financial reasons.

      So glad to see that now every member has the opportunity to earn through different ways here in WA, and at the same time build their online business.

      Nate, you asked about WA Black Friday Deal, and I would definitely suggest you to wait until Black Friday Deal for two reasons – 

      1. as you will get almost 50% discount on your annual subscription

      2. You will be fore fathered to this discount  every year.

      I hope you will find it useful.

  3. Is the Black Friday sale opportunity available to already existing users? It is a great opportunity for anyone.

    In less than 2 weeks of joining I have seen massive improvement in how I view making money online. This is genuine and easy to use.

    Thank you for the post it is helpful and the Black Friday is a deal you can not afford to miss.

  4. Hi and thanks for the great review of what I believe to be the very best value for money site out there. I have not seen another platform to offer the coaching, site creation and security on top of being able to host 25 sites for the same monthly fee. Great review and keep up the good work, Kenny 

    • Thanks Kenny,

      Wa is really an awesome platform, which I always describe as Business Under One Roof, as it provides all the tools and training for establishing your online business, not to forget that WA offer in total 50 websites, 25 domains and 25 sub domains, truly the best value for money.

      Premium Membership has many more benefits, The PREMIUM Membership – In a League of its Own!


  5. Well I’ve been struggling about with data entry and survey sites over the last few months, trying desperately to earn some side money…but ending up with little more than $5 a day!

    Can this affiliate marketing route really open the doorway to a more career-based income online, and how long does it take before you start making any money with them?


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