Simple Tips on How to Write YouTube Script

The popularity of Youtube as the second largest search engine, after Google, and its important role in ranking your content, gravitating every content creator to turn up to Youtube.

It is highly recommended to create your own youtube videos, as it can benefit any internet marketer in the long run.  Besides, Youtube is a free medium, so you do not need huge resources to start your own youtube channel and to produce Youtube videos.

If you watch carefully, many of the youtube videos are made using simple techniques and devices like smartphone and laptop.

But if you are new to youtube video creation, it may feel overwhelming, but it need not be.  Here are some simple steps to produce, Record and Uploading Your Youtube videos.

  1. Start with a Topic.
  2. Writing your script.
  3. Importance of lighting and video.
  4. The real secret to the perfect Video.


  1. Start With a Topic

Before jumping into Youtube creation, it is important to decide your topic, as we choose a niche before creating our content, it is important to choose a topic for your Youtube videos.  If you are a blogger, it is best to choose the same niche or topic for creating your videos.

It will help you to grow your Youtube Channel as well as you can embed your youtube videos on your website.  Either way, it will help you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and you can easily create your brand.

Now for coming up with a topic for your youtube video, you can repurpose your old blog post. Go through all of your articles on your website, you will find many pieces of content on your website that can be useful for creating a youtube video.

2. Do  Keyword Research

Youtube videos rank in SERP – Search Engine Result Pages, so do the Keyword Research for Youtube.  You can use the Google search bar as well as a Youtube search bar to find out which topics are trending.

3. A new idea in your head – Youtube it!

There are many times, that suddenly we come across a great idea, remember to youtube every idea.  Not necessary that every time does a proper recording, just use your smartphone, record every detail of your idea on your mobile.  Nowadays all phones have an integrated camera.  So it’s a handy tool to capture videos.

Record whatever idea comes to your mind, without any filter record each of your idea.  Later on, you can go through these basic concepts and make your won youtube videos.

“Your Topic is not restricted in any way”- Jay.

2.  Writing a Script

writing a script for your youtube video is as easy as writing a blog post.  While creating a blog post we use bullets and subheading to segregate content.

In the same way, take subheading and put it in a bullet form.  To make it more simple, you can divide each topic by using 5 Ws- What, Where, When, who & why, when you divide each subject this way, you have good quality content for your Youtube Channel.

3. Freestyle that mofo!

Another simpler version is trying to shoot whenever an idea comes in your mind, without any script, without any preparation, just record whatever comes to your mind!

Importance of Lighting and Audio

Proper lighting and the importance of good audio cannot be denied in a quality video.  There are many ways which you can use to improve your lighting.

While shooting a video, always face the light. If the lighting source is behind you, the picture will not be clear.

You can also use any additional light source, easily available in a local shop.  Natural light is the best source of lighting.  So try to shoot in natural light if anything does not work for you.

Here we are discussing some simple tips but here is a nice read on  Best Lighting for YouTube Videos

If you are recording while using a smartphone, remember to hold your camera in a horizontal position, so that it is perfectly suited in Youtube format.

Good audio is must for a great hearing experience, without good audio, even if you make a great video, its impact will be zero on the audience.

Nowadays, many kinds of microphones are available in the market which you can be used to record your videos.

Now start recording your videos, when you finish recording, uploading your videos to Youtube is also an important task.

Once you finish recording, upload your video, by clicking on my channel tab, you will see a camera icon, click and it will guide you to upload your video.

Once uploaded, it is also important to fill in the title, meta description, thumbnail, and meta tags properly.

Use a proper keyword in the title and meta description which will help you to rank your videos in the search engines.

The Real Secret to the Perfect Video!

With all these detailed information, you may want to know the real secret to the perfect video!

What is the secret- the only secret is Just Do It!

Yes just do it, I know your first video may not be the perfect one, but as said practice makes the man perfect.

creating videos and filming myself was one of the most fearful thoughts for me!  For many years I was avoided to face cameras, so a little nervousness is obvious.

But believe me, slowly you will become familiar with the video and its operating style.  Once you become familiar, then you will easily create your Youtube videos.


Youtube making may not be very familiar with you, but if you practice the above-mentioned tips, surely it will become easier for you day by day.  And that should be the aim of every newbie, to publish at least one video every week.

In this way, you will have around 50 videos to your account and can create a number of ways to monetize your channel.  Once you reach the threshold of Youtube, you will be accepted by the youtube channel.

Hey friend, I know many of you have your own channel, so would you like to share your story with all of us.  Please comment below and let us all know how you overcome these problems while creating Youtube Videos.

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