Best of the Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most awaited events in an online world, as this is the best time to grab some excellent discounts on your favourite products and services. So let’s see the best of the Black Friday deals for bloggers.

As a blogger, you will find some great discounts on themes, platforms, and services.  To establish your business, you need different tools and functions like a beautiful theme, hosting, email marketing service provider, video service provider, and so on.

Best Black Friday Offers For Bloggers

As a blogger, you need to have the right theme, which is SEO friendly, fast, and lightweight.  Why should you consider the speed of an issue before buying it?

If a theme is lightweight, it will load quickly and give a great user experience.  Can you imagine, if you click on a link and it takes ages before loading, you will leave the site within no time?  Today, readers prefer to visit a website having blazing site speed.

Valid coding –  Choose a theme that is built according to up to date coding standards and make sure it is compatible with all popular browsers.  At the same time, it is essential to have valid HTML, CSS, and that it works well with mobile devices.

The one theme which I can not resist but to recommend is Generatepress. Generatepress is a trendy theme among content creators for its sheer speed and cleanliness.

The best part of Generatepress is that it can be built sites with page builders like Elementor. Generatepress has its site collection, and you can develop your website accordingly using just their template.

Check Out the GeneratePress Site Libray

Main Features of GeneratePress:

Less than 30kb

Top Tier Speeds

SEO Optimized

Accessibility Ready

No dependencies

The one thing I like the most about Generatepress is that you can use it on unlimited sites and unlimited customize options.

GeneratePress has 2,281,379 downloads and 2,000,000 active websites and has more than 900 five star ratings.

Black Friday Deal:

The GeneratePress cost is $49.95 per year, but you pay $37.46 as a Black Friday Deal, direct 25% off on all products.  Not only this, but you will get a 40% discount on next year’s renewal.

generatepress black friday deal


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale

Wealthy Affiliate is offering a 49% discount on it much sought after Premium Membership deal.  WA is a one-stop hub to build an online business and very popular among business people.

Main Features of WA:

  • One-Stop Hub To Build Your Business, which offers websites, hosting, Live WAbinars, and SSL certificates to all its Premium members.
  • Buy top-level domains in a click
  • Free SSL certificates to all your 25 websites + 25 sub-domains
  • Weekly Live WAbinars
  • Plethora of training
  • Direct Access to Super Affiliates
  • An encouraging community of 1.5 M affiliates

WA is a unique community of members from all over the world.  WA community is one of the USP of WA platform.  It’s a spam and scam free community that is always ready to help each other.

LIVE WAbinars is another excellent feature of WA.  Every weekend Jay Neill, the Internet veteran, offers his insights on different topics of Internet Marketing. It covers all the problems of Internet Marketing from choosing a niche, keywords, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads, Instagram, and so on.   All these webinars are available at no extra cost.  Each WAbinar is recorded and made available within 24 hours.

All previous WAbinars are also available to premium members, WA has almost 400+ live WAbinars recording available to its premium members.

Read More about Wealthy Affiliate

Black Friday Deal:

WA Premium Membership costs $588 Annually, but WA offers a massive 49% discount (less$289) cost you only $299 per year, 0.82 per day.

Should You Take WA Black Friday Offer?

black friday sale 2019


Black Friday Sales is a great way to buy products and services which will help you to build your online presence.  Ther are hundreds of Black Friday Deals are available, and you should choose an offer, which will suit your needs.

But GeneratePress and Wealthy Affiliate are two such products which you should not miss.  With GeneratePress, you get a theme that is super optimized and can help you rank better in search engines.  This one feature of GeneraterPress is enough to invest money in this theme.

Generatepress has a wide range of site Library sites, in which you can choose one of your favourite theme among all these new changes.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you a great atmosphere, guided help with experts.  It is the best gift that you can provide to yourself.

Since it is a one-stop hub to build your business online, once you enrolled in the premium membership, you do not need to pay anything extra, All costs are included in the premium membership.

The best part about WA is it locks the price for you in which you buy a service.  For, e.g., if you buy Black Friday deal for $299, it will be grandfathered to you every year for the same price.

P.S.:  WA has not increased its membership since its inception, cool, isn’t it?

If you buy a domain at WA for $14, it will be renewed at the same price every year, WA never charges any hidden cost to any of its products.

WA Offers Keyword Research Tool for free to its premium members, while other platforms charge its members for every upgrade and every facility that it provides, WA never charges its members for any of new services.

Recently WA added Kraken Plugin to each of the member’s websites for free, it charges you a minimum of $5 for every website, but WA offers it free for all of your 25 sites.

Not to forget that WA is the most happening and evolving online platform, which continues to add more features every year.

If you calculate all the services that WA provides you for free, it will easily cost us $1000+ more every year, so Black Friday is the best time to grab its Premium Membership at the lowest price, which is $299 only.

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