Day 5: Setup: Tracking: Research to Profits

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Starting your own successful small business is not difficult today, and that we have discussed in my last article.  Yesterday after we discussed how to set up your website, now it’s time to set up tracking and Google Analytics for a website.
It’s important to set up tracking on your site so that you can gather different data about your website and your visitors.  You can collect crucial data through GA which will further help to increase conversion on your site.
There are many ways you can set tracking through different tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing, etc. Google Analytics is one of the most common tools to go for.
In Today’s Wabinar Jay discussed all these steps in detail.  As you know, Wealthy Affiliate is having a 14 Day Back to Back Live Case Study.
Research to Profits in which you will learn all about how to start your own successful small business step by step starting from researching a niche. Read all the details of these live case studies here.
So here is the summary.

Day 5: Setup: Tracking

Tracking basically is the data about Who is visiting your website and how did they get there? Understanding your visitors’ path and behaviour is super important as it gives you the knowledge to leverage what is working.

Basically it provides you the information about your visitors, how your site is performing, and what to do from that. It is important is to understand the behavioral elements of the people who visit your site because that information you can use to further build your niche build your site.

The free tools that are provided by Google are:

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

and Bing is by Microsoft.

These tools work like a research team or troubleshooting team for your website.

They do the research for you, bring that data back, you’re gonna be able to take a look at that data and make modifications accordingly. Maybe you need to work on this keyword or maybe you should write an article on a particular keyword. Or, there’s a lot of people visiting this page but they’re leaving really quickly, so you can add some more information or good visuals to make it more effective.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

How does Google Analytics work?

It tracks your audience’s behavior on your site.
It tracks how they arrived at your site, did they come from a bookmark, did they come directly by manually typing out the link?
Did they do a Google search? did they do a Bing search? did they come in from Pinterest,?it basically tells you exactly where people are coming into your site.
It tells you what pages and posts they viewed on your site
how long did they spend on your site.
did they spend more time on one page and the other page? And what are your visitor’s demographics?
Are they on mobile or are they on a desktop? You can go as granular as you want with GA, such as what country they came from? what city, what state or province, they came from.

Google Search Console,

Google Search Console

Google Search Console tells you information about how people arrived on your site. Its data is more in-depth than Google Analytics.  it tracks data like what keywords your pages and posts rank for.

It can give you data for each individual page and each individual post that you may rank for.  As we all know that each post or page can rank for not only one keyword but for many others too.  So when you get this information, you can tweak your posts and pages that can help you rank better.

Secondly, it also tracks who links to your pages and posts. For example, if you’ve been doing a campaign where you’ve been trying to get more content delivered onto Pinterest, with a link pointing back from Pinterest to your website, then that you can actually see if that is catching on within Google Search Console.

It also tells you if there are any issues with your site, for example, any errors or if there are any page speed issues.

There is no such thing as a perfect website. So there will always be some sort of little issues and they should be considered as a Google recommendation. Of course, if there are a plethora of errors then you might want to investigate and take a look.

t’s also a portal to communicate with Google. So every time you create a new page or post, you can let Google know.

you can let Google know in a variety of ways, but two specific ways one is the URL Inspection, and what that does is, give you the opportunity to ask Google to submit your new page or your new post into their search engine index.

Number two is sitemaps and what Sitemaps do is list out all of your pages, and all of your posts into a spreadsheet file. This spreadsheet file gives you the opportunity to say, look at all of these pages and posts. You can say it’s your website’s master file.

GSC really help within the organic search campaign that you’re doing because that is really what we’re doing is, we’re writing content so that it is naturally indexed in Google for not only our target keywords but other keywords as well, something called related keywords or LSI.

Bing Webmaster

Bing Webmaster

Bing Webmaster Tools actually have a few little extra things that the search console does not have.

They had a little SEO thing tools that have Tools & Enhancement.

Bing also has something called Microsoft clarity, it basically creates something called a heat map, and eye-tracking. so it actually does screen recordings, and it does heat maps. What a heat map does is it tracks People’s Most persons. And so, if your mouse cursor is on a certain section on your website, it will track that it will see and I’ll see where people are clicking on.

Bing also does screen recording so it will screen record every single one. Every single person that visits your site so you can see their behavior, you can see where they scroll down and all that kind of stuff.  I do find that as a really great way to track certain pages and posts, and their behavior.


Tracking your website visitor is very important as it can enhance the UX-user experience of the site.  There are many tools to track the behavior of your visitors but here we discussed three of them, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing.

You can use any one or combine the data to get more detailed information about your website.

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Replay of Day 5: Setup: Tracking

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