Managing Your Email Contact List

Email Marketing is a part of today’s business module and very interestingly, the best ROI you will get through email marketing., and this is one of the major reason for growing importance of having a healthy Email Contact List.

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Over the years, you may have collected thousands of email addresses, and you may have a very high subscriber’s list.  Congratulation on this, but do you know that if your subscribers are not opening and reading your emails, it can be very harmful to your reputation and your business.

At the one hand, you need to pay for each of your subscriber on your list, on the other hand, if subscribers do not respond to your emails, or unsubscribe regularly, you get a bad reputation with your autoresponder.

So how do you manage your email contact list?  List Hygiene is a new term which is popular around the market nowadays.

It is also known as Healthy List.  So what is a Healthy List and how to maintain List Hygiene?

  1.  Categorize your list

It is important to categorize your email list in different categories based on their location, timezone, subject of interest, age and so on.

This way when you categorize your email subscribers, it becomes very easy to send targeted emails.  When you send targeted emails, open rate and click through rate increases and it shows that your audience likes to read more from you.

2. Give Value to your subscribers

Your readers have shown trust in you by subscribing and giving you their email address.  It is important to give them value in return.  Share with them your best of content or give them useful tips that can be really beneficial to them.  And they actually look forward to your next email.

3. Make Your new Subscribers welcome

Whenever a new subscriber gets on your list, welcome him and make him feel very important.  Send him a thank you mail for joining your email list.

You can easily set up an automated email where you can offer them some discount on product or service.  It can help them to be on your list also it may help you to make some sale.

4. Duplicate Contact Management

It may happen that some of your subscribers have subscribed twice and you have duplicated mail addresses in your email list.

It is quite possible, if you have two different websites and two different niches, and have the same autoresponder.  It happens with me all the time.

Some of my subscribers have opted in for both of my lists, which create the duplicate subscriber in your autoresponder.

Many autoresponders have the ability to not to make any duplicate subscriber in your list, as Mailerlite, Madmimi.

Many autoresponders effectively put the subscribers in different folders who unsubscribe, soft bounce or hard bounce.

Soft Bounce:  Soft bounce means the email address is valid, and the mail reached in the inbox, but not received by the subscriber for the following reason:

  • The inbox is full, reached its maximum limit
  • The Server was down,
  • the message was too long to for the recipient’s inbox.

The Hard bounce occurred when the email is permanently declined for the following reasons:

  • The email address is invalid
  • The email address does not exist

But when auto responders categorize it in different folders it helps to keep your list healthy and neat.

5.  Remove Address with typos

While cleaning your email list, it is important to check the typos and remove that address from your email list.  It is very common to have typos in the email address.

But removing this faulty email addresses is always better because either way, it is not going to reach in the proper inbox.

6.  Fix addresses with typos

If you have email addresses which have typos, and you know the correct email address, you can always make correction in it.  That way it will not bounce back.

7.  Make Unsubscribing easy

You may find it weird, as the main purpose of the email marketing is to collect emails.  So why to make it easier for a subscriber to Unsubscribe.

If a subscriber finding it difficult to relate with your content, not targeted audience or it is not of his interest, either way, he is going to unsubscribe.  So to make it easy for them, always put the Unsubscribe button visible, so anyone can easily find it if need to.

It will not harm you, on the contrary, it will help you.  First of all, when a subscriber unsubscribes, you can focus more on the remaining ones who are really interested in your content and what you want to share with them.

Aa targeted email list always convert better, what’s the use to try sending emails who is not interested in it?  It is a waste of your time, money and energy.  It is always better to focus on a targeted list.

8. Never buy a list

Buying an email subscriber list is not a healthy way to have your subscriber list.  One of the major reasons is that it is possible that many of them may not be interested in your niche.  In other words, that’s not a targeted reader, which you want to engage with.

A list which is not targeted, will not be interested in your content and your suggestions.  As a result, your conversion rate will be negligible.

Also, it is important to note that buying a list is not legal, and you may need to pay a huge money per subscriber if you get caught.


We have seen the many reasons for which people unsubscribe to the list, or you get a soft or hard bounce for various reasons.

  1.  Repurposing your email list

Many autoresponders provide you all details regarding unsubscribe rate, soft bounce, hard bounce, duplicate email and so on.

You can gather this information and try to contact them again with more valued content or just by asking them what kind of content they are interested in reading.

2. Import this list to Facebook and try to connect with them.


Money is in the list, we always heard this, but to convert you need your list to be healthy and clean  It is also important to remove subscribers, who do not open your emails.

By cleaning them you can target your audience more efficiently and it will convert much better.  I would like to know if you have more tips on how to manage your email list.

If you have any questions or suggestion, pl let me know in the comments below, I will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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