10 Reasons Why You Should Start Email Marketing Immediately

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Money is in the list,  you have rightly heard of this about Email marketing.  Email marketing is popular for various reasons, some of them discussed below. one of the major reasons is that email marketing is the best way to reach your prospect, share, and educate them on a specific topic.

what is Email Marketing, why is it necessary to have a strong email list for your business and why to Start Email Marketing Immediately, Read Here.

What is email marketing?email marketing

In a literal sense, email marketing means electronic mail. When a mail is sent to a prospect, lead or a future/present customer with an intent to establish a brand, to built customer loyalty, trust in a product or company it is email marketing.

Sending email is the most the easiest thing to keep connected with your clients. It’s easiest to email as it directly reaches your client’s mail account and he can check it in his leisure.

Here’s a video by Neil Patel on Email Marketing

Start Email Marketing Immediately in 10 Easy Steps

1. Email marketing is cost effective and Eco-friendly

eco friendly start email marketing immediately

Email Marketing is very cost-effective, as it not need a huge investment to get a good autoresponder. Many of the autoresponders provide free service up to a certain subscriber level. After you reach 1000 subscribers or defined by the said company, you may upgrade your account to a paid one.

By the time you get 1000+ subscribers, most possibly you have started to make a profit from your email list.

Email marketing is Eco-friendly. E-mail marketing is a digital service, It is harmless to the environment.    It’s the most effective way to stay connected with your clients at the same time to promote your product.

2. Easy to create

It’s easy to create an email campaign. You do not need any technical knowledge or coding nowadays. Most of the Autoresponders trying their level best to make the interface user-friendly and without any learning curve. So creating an email campaign is quite easy.

3. Email marketing is super targeted.

Unlike many other marketing tools like TV advertising, email marketing is super targeted according to the location and interest of the subscribers.

You can target your audience by segmentation. Segmenting your list is useful and with better CTR and ROI. When you segment your audience in a specific hobby or interest, click-through rate increases as you appeal their interest.

4. Cost-effective compared to other mediums.

Email marketing is much more low cost compare to print and media advertising. Many Autoresponders offer a free subscription to a certain amount of subscribers. After that you need to upgrade your account, giving you more benefits and many times added functionality.

5. Call to Action

As mentioned above, Email marketing is unique other than other advertising methods. One of its features is Call to Action. In an email, you can easily add a CTA, which allows a customer to go from witnessing an offer to purchase an item, within a few clicks of a button.

In affiliate marketing, proper and relevant CTA is the most important factor to convert a prospect into a lead.  You can create tempting CTA which leads directly to checkouts.

Even in Referral Marketing, email marketing is the main tool to drive traffic to your website.

6. Easy to measure and share

With Google Analytics and with the latest features in the autoresponder dashboard area, you can easily measure your campaigns. You can assess your campaign by location, and subscribers’ activity. You have the ability to see Email campaign open rate, click rate, raw clicks, unique clicks, unsubscribe, and which of the links are clicked.

Email campaigns are very easy to share. If you create a training or a great offer your subscribers can share with their friends at the click of a button. Your present subscribers can play the role of a brand ambassador for you.

7. Emails Go Global in a fraction of a second

Email campaigns can be targeted to a specific country or go global in a fraction of a second. Your mailing list can consist of many areas, locations and countries at the same time.

No other media advertisers, be it print or media can reach such a vast arena at the click of a button. Once used to its interface and functionality, you can create a good email campaign within 10 minutes and with a click, your offer reaches across the globe.

8. Immediacy

One of the most important factors of email marketing is that it can create an immediacy with your subscribers. You can create an offer that is available for the next 24 hours only.

This kind of email create a sense of urgency in subscribers and with a great offer and great Call to Action, your email campaign gives you great results.

9. Personalization

One of the benefits of Email marketing is that you can personalize each of your campaigns according to your audience and subscribers.

Personalizing your email campaigns gets you better results as it instantly appeals to your prospects.


Email campaigns can be created for multipurpose usage.

Email campaigns can be created just not to sell products but also to educate your subscribers on a specific topic. You can create drip campaigns to create training for the subscribers.

Email Marketing is a must for achieving any level of success.

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How do you like these ideas to Start Email Marketing Immediately?

Email marketing is a great tool to expand your business. With great features like great ROI, most cost-effective, super-targeted email marketing is going to continue as a preferred way to reaching the future as well as present prospects.


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12 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Start Email Marketing Immediately”

  1. It is quite useful information, you have shared currently we are using sendgrid for all email marketing campaign almost getting good response thanks to neil patel, now i will try using above strategy for further campaign. will see the response and ping you about the response. Anyway thank you

  2. This is quite useful article, Yes! Email Marketing is still an integral part of any organization’s marketing strategy.

    And it plays an important role in any type of business whether it is product or service oriented.

    I have been using sendgrid for email marketing campaign, initially it was good and now i’m facing issue with the team support, so i thought i will change to another vendor so i’m confused between Aweber or mailchimp which should I Opt for service? or any other service provider can you recommend

    • Hey there,
      Thanks Very Much,
      Email marketing is an essential part of any business and one of my favorite way to communicate with my readers. Which email provider you should be using is totally depends on your business needs. It also depends on if you are just starting up or more of an established in your business.
      There are many free as well as paid one. If you want a paid one I think Aweber is the best option, but of course you need to check out, if it suits you.
      If you want a free one, Mailerlite has the best options.

  3. Thank you for sharing on the benefits of email marketing. What would you recommend to get more people onto your list. Granted many people are passive readers and are not ready to share with you their email addresses. 

    Hope you can share more tips on how to to get readers to subscribe to your email list and grow it constantly.

    • Hey Janrell,

      Email marketing is really important for any business online, no doubt capturing emails is a task in itself.  But if you provide them a valued offer which interest them, targeted one, easy subscribers for you!

      My suggestion would be offer them free training or educate them on their interest topic, or another way you can capture emails is to provide free help in your niche.

      For eg. most of my subscribers are from my Free Healing Sessions, on my niche site about energy healing.

      I would like to recommend a Best Seller on Amazon about online marketing, which is free on Kindle, and less than a $1, if you want to buy it.

      Also want to share with you 29 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List, really some useful tips on how you can grow your email list.

  4. This is an excellent overview of the importance of email marketing. I was taught years ago that the content of your emails is more important than the content on your website. And that it takes more effort to create good email content than website content. The reason is  subscribers and customers will stop opening your emails if they don’t like or can’t use your content. And if they are not opening your email, you have lost communicating with them.

  5. Email marketing is something that I am weak. I do not really understand how it works. Having myself receiving quite a number of emails from other people, I can see how it works now. Thank you for the webminar, I can now start implementing email marketing for my online business. I hope this will get me more people to my website.

    • Hey Kit,

      When I started blogging, I was at the same dilemma, was not sure how to and where to start Email Marketing.  But once you get familiar with it, it’s quite easy.

      One formula that helps me with Email marketing, is just share your information as if you are sharing it with your friends and relatives, and keeping the friendly tone is emails.

      Email marketing surely increase your traffic, if you are persistent with it, to be honest with you, am not that persistent with my email list lately.

      I would like to share a Webinar with you – The Simplicity of Growing Your Email list, and am sure you will find ton of tips from this webinar!

  6. Hello, I just has a good read of your content. I think you highlight very well the exciting ways that you can use email marketing to increase traffic to a site and hopefully turn it into a profit. I think it seems as though you really know what you are writing about and I will visit again for more tips. Thanks Kenny 

    • Hey Kenny

      Thanks for your comment.  Sure Email Marketing is one of the major ways you can drive traffic to your website.  The one thing that I notice about email marketing is that it’s not always necessary to share your content through it, but actually you can literally anything with your subscribers, like any story, your experience with different products etc. 

      One must read about is The One Hour Content plan,  it helps you in creating content as well as how to create a strong email list.


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