Canva is one of the most popular platform for image creation .  I am not an expert but quite oftern I use canva for image creation and image ediitongl  Canva is a place also to create your great images.

once you login to your account   through facebook or using other social media credentials, on the left side you will see a basic menu bar, full fo sercies provide canva for free.

On On



on the left side you will see a left side bar with different navigations.  Let’s see how to navigate canva.

All Your Designs- It is the place where all your designs are stored and you can say it is the desk of Canva, where all of your designes are visible.

Explore canva 2.0 _ Is a new version o Canva, and if you wan you can lways checkout with this version of Canva.  Almost all the feature are same, but using downloade images in new version is a time comsuiming task.  Whenever you want to se your uploaded images, you have to scroll images for unlimited time.  As in this new version new images are get continuously scroll, which makes it difficult to any old images you maight have uploade.d

Shared with you

It’s a great feature of Canva, where you can share your images with others.  You can create your onw team and share your works with other memebrs.

Team members

Team members are the pople you are allowed to invitr and make them your team memebers.  You can make upto 3000 members.

Your Brand

Today to create your own brand for marketing is a musst thing, Canva let you upto 3 colorus for your brand palette.  You can the n consistently used these colours in your brand.

Find Templates

It’s a great resource of templates that can be used for any occassion.  It is very important , to have template ready for every occassion.  You will literally find templates for any and every occasssion.  Just select the template and add your image and details to create a stunning image for free.

Design Schools

It is a section for tutorials on canva.  If you don;t know how to create your images, here blogs also videos are available to teach you all about canva.

Canva Interface


In the canva workplace you will come across following tools, let me explain one b y one.

Search – Canva has images for your designs, you can create your designs using these images,you will find free as well as paid versions of the images.

lay outs are the pre designed templates which you can use and tweak them to form your own designs,  It is very easy to ceate your own images this way.


these are sittle add ons like diffeenet fruits,flowers and so on which you can add to create your greeting cards. or other designs.


you can add different fonts and text blocks to creae your stunning text quotes.


you can change background colours in a click.  so very helpful feature to create different images with different backgrojdns.


You can upload your own images to canva, create stunning designs and download it any fomat png, jepeg, pdg .

On the vertical bar you will fine File menu where you can resie you images, but it is a premium feature .

Resize a spearate enu navigation for it.


undo and redo features are really helpf ul when creating designs, without these features it will be a waste of ton of time.


You can ask any quesstion regarding any designs or if you stuck somewhere help is available. in chat form

Share is another great feature of canva where you can immediately share your desgins on facebook twitter and some email options is ther to send email to particular persons.

It is a great way to keep connected with social media.  Mainly visuals are the post that receives the most engagement.  so creating engaging images is of utmost importance.

Pl let me know your experiece with canva, I am sure you must have used canva, or would be glad if you share some images you created with my audience and me.

If you have any questions let me know in the comment section below ,I will be moe than happy to answer them.


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