How to Amplify Your Writing Efficiency?


If you are a blogger, content creation is the most important task of you.  Content Creation and Content Marketing are the top trending niches today.  But as a blogger you know the importance of creating content consistently.  For your website, also it is important to publish content on a regular schedule.  Google gives higher ranks to those sites which publishes regular and consistent content.

So here are some simple tips on how to create  content consistently and tools needed to publigh the content consistently.

Tools which will be helpful in the process :

1. Research




1. Research

For writing and publishing content on a regular basis, it is important to research your niche on different platforms.  You can leverage Google, Magzines, Forum and Q & A sites like Quora, Jaaxy and any other keyword research tool can be of great importance while doing research for your niche.

Google is a huge resource of information and you can literally search anything on the Google.  then why not leverage it for the study of your niche subject.  If you are searching for a particular niche, type your keyword and start keyword researchby applying the alphabetical technique.

Type your keyword and now type just a and Google will give you some realted keywords starting from a, continue with b, c and upto z.  I am sure till now you have hundreds of keywords for your blog post.

You can also try to type why + keyword and you will find some new keeywords,  change why with when, whom and so on.  Try this method and let me know your findings.

Magzines are the great source of information.  visit the nearest book stall and see if you got a magazine for your niche.  If you find one, go through the magazine and try to go through the headlines of the magazines.  You will find some great ideas to write about.

Amazon and other popular online stores are great resources of information.  Amazon have tons of products to sell on, so must have products related to your niche.

‘And you will g et the ideoto write about your blog post.  Books on Amazon also provides a huge resource for generating  blog post ideas for your niche.  Find out the popular books on Amazon, and see why  people are buying these books, what problem these books are discussing and so on.

You can leverage these ideas into your blog post.  You can also use product guides in the same way.  Sstudy the product guides and you can write how to possts on your blog post, or else if you are in video making, try to create videos on how to.  How to videos are most popular on You tube.

Authority sites in your niche should be the great source of information and idea generating tool.  Visit these sites and see what tooics are covvered in these authority ssite, most probably the trending topics are covered in the blog posts.

Quora, Forum and FB groups can be a great places tof find out about the next blog post ideas.  Quora – Q& A site, is the vast depository of information.  Search Quora for wide array of questons .  The q and a sites are the great ssource of information for the mindset of the  people and you can learn a lton of things from these platforms.

Tools which will be useful

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great tool to creat your contetn.  Google Docs have access to other resuorcces like images and you can also search the web fro mGoogle Docs.

Google Docs is a great way to research,  collaboration and Dictation.  Google Docs has a voice detection tool, where you need to write but you can verbally give instructions and it get automatically typed.  So it is a time saving method.

Site Content

Site content is exclusively for WA members – Starter and free.  It has some great features under the banner of site content.  Images SEOoptimization, grammer checking can be done within site content.  the best part is you can publish it to any of th e website.

iA writer

It provides distraction free platform so you can concentrate on the create connection.

Hamingway Editor

It works on the same functionality as Grammerly and helps you to write more efficiently by providing other options to choose from.

Dragon sspeaking

it is also a voice dictation tool, you can justspeak and it will auto type your dictation.

3. DEploy this created content

once you crated the content through site content to wordpress, virtual assistant and content manager.  your blog can be outside wordpres, as most of them are on Blogger site, You can publish your content anywhere you need .

4. Outsourcing

Once you achieved some succes with blogging and you need to check the other possibilities and expand your business, you need to oursource some of your work to the upwork and some  other platforms which helps in outsourcing your content.


Friendif s, these are some of the topics that you need to pay attention if you are serios about your blgging carreer.  No dout today content creation is at tip, yhumanize your brandou certainly need to fous on above mentione topics.  Some brands  are utilizing these resources beautifully.

As a blogger what are your challenges ar what problems or hinderance you face, let me know, post them below in the comment section.  If you ahave ah questions, querries pl let me know.  Also let me know which of the above resources you find more effective and useful to use.

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