Keyword Research – What and Why ?

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If you are a content creatorr or work online, you might be aware of keyword research.  We all know the importance of Keyword reasearch.  Wihout keyword research, content creation is possible but if you want to optimize your content that is if you want to get your content before a relevant audience, keyword research is must.

What is Keyword Research?

With the growing popularity of Internet, people are more and more Google for everything,  They search Google for theri problems and try to find solutions on internet.

Now when people type a phrase in searh bar , it is called keyword.  Keyword is nothing but a word or a phrase that people tyope in Google.  It is important to know which word or phrase people are using while using Google.  Around 4 billion users daily use Google.  Now they use Google for a specific reason, for searching a product, a review, etc.

Keyword research is knowing what keyword is most popular in search engines.  Once you find a good keyword, you can leverage it in your content, in youtube videos or any content that you want to create.

When you find a good keyword and leverage it in your content, when people search the keyword, your content shows up in the SERP.  Google always search for a good content, so if your content is good and optimized, it will show up in the first page of the search eangines.

How to do keyword Research?

Goggle is the best keyword finder availbe to you for free.  AS you want to rank your content on Google as a mains Search engine, it is always good to check what people are serching on Google and what keywords they are using.

Google Alphabet Technique

Type any keyword in Google, it will automatically suggests some other phrases related to that phrase.  The most popular search will show up in the top search.

Now type a next to your keyword, again in a drop down menu Google will show up related keywords.

For eg if you type rose in the Google searh bar it will show up some results.

next tyope “rose a”, it will show different results in the search bar

you can continue with all the alphabets till z, and you will get tons of results for your keyword

You can add “what” Why, how before your keyword, and you will get some amazing keywords .

Google is also a great tool for searching logn term keyword phrases and related keywords phrases. You can find related phrases on every page of Google at the bottom.

Disadvantage of Google Keyword Research

No doubt Google offers you free keyword research , but you must remember that Google is mainly a Search Engine and not a keyword research tool, so its parameters are different.

The information you collected is no doubt useful but can be very complex and may not be helpful for ranking your page.  Using Google you may find the most researched keyword, but that may not be necessarily be a low hanging fruit phrase. On the contrary, it may have high search volume,  Google shows up the most searched phrase on the top, which means too many people are searching for that phrase.

For SEO, or searh engine optimization you need a good keyword tool, which will lshow you exact and accurate data for getting good ranks in the search engines.

Some of the free keyword research tools

1. Free Keyword Research Tool

It is a free keyword research tool, which provide great information and good keywords.  You can literally search for more than 10 platforms like Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Yandex, wikipedia and so on.  So you can figure out on which platform which keywords are popular.

Also you can search by country wise, so also a great feature if you want to target a specific country.

But since it is a Google tool, it only provides the keyphrases and not any other data like competition and monthly searches.  This data is important, without which optimization is impossible.,

Answer the public

It is also a great resource for free, which gives you tons of keyphrases in the form of questions, nouns, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical .

It has free and paid version,


Jaaxy is one of the most efficient keyword research tool  availble online.  It is developed by WA and availble only to WA members.  It provides the most important technical data ,fetched from all search engines.

Jaaxy gives unique data like monthly searches, competion , SEO ranking and domain search etc.  You can use Jaaxy using alphbelt soup technique, actuall it is included in Jaaxy.

Some features like Domain availability, make it possible to find out available TLD easily. One can use this data in many ways like to find out useful and profitable niches, for domain flipping.

Domain finding is a unique feature of Jaaxy,

Another great feature about Jaaxy is you can save your keywords to a list and access this list afterwards,  you can also download the keyword list.

Final Thoughts

keyword research is an important part of content creation and content optimization.  Without keyword research you will not be able to do any optimization of the content.  Because it is mainly the meta title and meta description which will get shown in the google snippet,

With proper keyword research and optimization you have higher chances of getting ranked in the search engines.  But for accurate keyword research you need a good keyword research tool which will give you good and accurate data.

I have discussed some free kewyord research tools above, if you have any other freee keyword research tool , let me know in the comment section below.

Also I have provided you 30 Free searches of Jaaxy- exclusive WA keyword research tool- try it for free and let me know your findings.  If you any questions, queries or suggestion about Jaaxy or keyword research let me know in the comment section below.

Will you share which Keyword research tool you are using and what are the main specialisties of it ?

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