The 7 Factor Secret Sauce

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The USP of the Wealthy Affiliate training is its Live Wabinars, every weekend Jay walks you through the details and intricacies of the online marketing and trending topics in the Online World.

Also, one major event in WA, is the live Wabinar by Kyle, co-founder of the WA.  Once a year, Kyle discusses some important facts about online trends and give some important tips to the WA members.

The Subject for this WAbinar was The 7 Factor “Secret Sauce”

Watch the Live WAbinar by Kyle – Success Secrets

Do you want the secret formula to success, every one of us works hard for the success.  Success is an objective term and it means different to different persons.  Success does not necessarily mean only financial success.  Each and every small accomplishment is a success.

So what are the factors that lead you to Success in Your Business?

1. Treat Business Like a Business

Most of the time, if you are not treating your business like a business, and if its a just a side activity for you, you need to treat it like a business.

Especially in an online world, where if you are working from home, where you need to attend regular 9 to 5 job, you tend to overlook it and neglect it .  Like a daily job, your online business also needs working you for more than 5 to 6 hrs a day.

2.  Compliment the Audience

If you are working on your website, it is really important to take into consideration your audience.  Who is your audience, what are their problems, and can you suggest the best possible solutions to their problems?  At the same time, it is important to interact with your audience in a positive manner and compliment your audience.

Try to relate to their problems and provide relevant solutions to your audience.  It is very important to consistently helpful and energetic while interacting with your audience.  It will leave a positive impact on your audience.

3. Confidence

Confidence is the major factor while dealing with your business.  Whatever your niche may be, you need to be confident to your audience.  It is ok if you are not an expert at the moment, but you can become an exper with time.  Do your research in your niche.  Study all the possible things about your niche, and slowly you become the expert in your niche.  As you study your niche, your confidence will increase with time and it will show up while interacting with your audience.

4.Learn, Understand and Teach

One of the best formula to success is first learning yourself, understand it fully and teach it to others.  The best way to become an expert in any niche is first you lean yourself all about your subject, understand it fully and once you grasp the subject fully, try to teach to others.  When you teach something to others, you yourself become an expert in that subject.

5. Tell them Secret

Share your story with your audience, it will make you more trustworthy with your audience.  Better if you can tell them a secret, it creates a sense of trust with them, or give them insider’s information.  It makes them feel that you also trust your audience.

6.  Help instead of Sell

The most important tip for selling your stuff is not to sell them.  Yes, it may seem confusing but the truth is when you try to sell something, less likely they will buy from you.

Instead, help them selflessly, it is very obvious, when you get help selflessly, you want to return it in some form.  Likewise, even if your business is online, try to help your reader by selflessly helping them.

Another important tip is to sell them what they want to become.  It is a general tendency to try to sell a product  to your readers, try to sell them the idea of what they want to become,

7. Time Management

Time management is important in any business, even in our day to day life we need to manage our time in a proper way.  If we do not manage our time in a proper way, we will waste much of the important time.  We all have only 24 hours a day and so it is important to manage your time wisely.

Check where you are wasting your time, watching tv, or checking emails many times, social media, facebook, and try to limit your activities and invest your time in your business.

If possible try to outsource some of your work.  Outsourcing can help you to free your time to invest in your business.  You can outsource writing content for your website, technical stuff, comments and engagement, website making etc.  These will help you to manage your time more efficiently.


The focus is one of the major components of success. You need to focus on the most important things of your business.  Focus on a thing at a  time.  If your goal is to write a blog, focus completely on writing a blog, instead of checking of ranking all the time on Google Analytics, it is better to create useful and engaging content.

9. Make Goals on a daily, weekly and yearly basis

Goals can help you to keep the focus on your task.  Don’t make unrealistic goals, try to make goals on a daily basis, keep it short and achievable.

Create your short term and long term goals.  Create weekly and yearly goals which will help you to focus and eliminate your wastage of time.

10.Work Ethics

Work ethics is another important component of success.  You need to have a work ethic to be successful, every successful person is an incredibly hard working person.  Without hard work and work ethic, it is impossible to achieve a great success rate.

11. Commit to your niche

Commitment to your niche or your audience is necessary.  In whatever niche you are, it is necessary to understand your niche and immerse yourself in it.  Try to understand your audience by immersing yourself in your niche.  You can educate yourself in your niche by reading books and magazines relating to your niche.

12. some more tips

Follow authority bloggers in your niche, get on their email list and visit their site often, so you can get an idea about what are the latest trending. topics.

Google Alerts – Set Google Alerts for your niche, that way you will get instant notification if something new is published, so you can have a look, and write content about it.

Join Different forums –  Joining different forums can be immensely helpful as you will know what are topics get discussed what are the people’s problems and their solutions etc.

Hey friends,

these are some really helpful tips and techniques which can be applied to our business. Pl let me know which of the above techniques you find unique and why. Pl let me know in the comment section below and I will be happy to answer them.

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