Selling High Ticket vs. Low Ticket Products- What’s Your Take?

Affiliate Marketing has opened up new avenues of income for those who want to make money online.  Blogging, Youtubing is the most powerful platforms which you can leverage for earning an affiliate commission.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for other marketers and producers.  When a blogger promotes a product through his blog or youtube video, he does not get the commission upfront unless he makes a sales.  So obviously, for the product owners, affiliate marketers are the best option, as they are the one, who is going to make every effort to make sales to earn a commission for themselves.  so products owners are nothing to lose by giving them permission to promote their product.

On the other hand, an affiliate marketer does not need to produce a product, he just needs to promote the product through his blog post, which he anyway doing otherwise.

So promoting a useful product which can be helpful to his readers, he makes his readers aware of the best possible solution to their problems.

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In return, if he makes a sale through his blog post, he earns a commission for himself.

But it is really up to an affiliate marketer, which product he should promote on his blog?  Should he choose a high ticket product or a low commission product?

Selling High Ticket vs. Low Ticket

First of all, let’s see what is a High ticket Product?

According to the Business Dictionary,” Items or products that have a high value and cost. Examples of high-ticket items include jewelry and fancy electronics. High ticket items are a consideration for individuals when they shop for insurance policies, because some policies may not cover such items.”

From the definition, it is clear that it is not only a product with high value or expensive product, but it also includes the high value it provides to the customer.

High ticket product is a  combination of high priced product which gives high value to its buyer.

But here is a secret,[bctt tweet=”People don’t buy products, in fact, they buy the solution to their problems.” username=”jivitaarane”]

This one thing you need to remember, when you promote a product, whether it is a high ticket or low ticket.

the basic thing is you need to find out what problems people are facing in your niche or how can you help them with your specialized skill?

If you can do that, help people with your content and give them a useful solution by suggesting them useful products and services, definitely people will buy from you.

Why should you promote high ticket product?

Now the concept of blogging and affiliate marketing is clear to you, it is important to decide whether you should promote high ticket or low ticket products.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, you should not directly jump in promoting high ticket product.s   As it needs a bit of experience, of how to create a great copy, how to pre-sell and other technical knowledge like optimizing your blog post for search engines.

Once you are familiar with these things you can promote high ticket products.

The amount of effort you are taking to create content, and optimizing it for search engines, promoting it through different social media platforms is almost same, whether you are promoting high ticket or low ticket product.

So it is you to decide whether you want to earn $ 4, $40, $400 as a commission.  I think it is absolutely fine if as an affiliate you decide to promote high ticket products.  At the end of the day, you are doing all the hard work for promoting a product.

In short, To a skilled marketer: low-ticket, high-ticket – it makes no difference. It boils down, in either case, to presenting the right offer in the right way to the right person. In reality, though, the typical marketer will find low-ticket far easier.

In simple terms[bctt tweet=”presenting the right offer in the right way to the right person is affiliate marketing” username=”jivitaarane”]  and to a seasoned marketer, it makes no difference.

How does Promoting High ticket Product will help you?

I would like you to watch this video by Miles Beckler, in which he explains all the stats about promoting high ticket product and how it will be useful to achieve your financial goals.

I am sure after watching this video, you must have thinking about promoting hight ticket products, but it is important to take into consideration some points:
  1. Don’t be Scared to review high ticket products.
  2. Think of high ticket items that you yourself are really interested in and wish you could have. That way you can review them truthfully, based on technical research without necessarily having to own the item in question.
  3. People RESEARCH before buying high ticket (expensive) items far more often than they research cheap, everyday items. Make comparisons between different brands and highlight what you believe to be the best.
  4. Show the benefits and drawbacks between similar items. There are people who have the money to buy that expensive item but want to make sure they get the RIGHT ONE. Help them make their choice, and you will INCREASE CONVERSIONS and INCREASE COMMISSIONS.
  5. Every niche has some high ticket products, so search for them and promote them.  Never promote products which are not of interest to your readers.  Make relevant suggestions to them.
  6.  help them make their choices, and you may only need 1 sale per month to make a profit.
  7. There are ample of hight ticket products which can be promoted and earn a very lucrative commission.

List of high ticket products to promote

There are a ton of high ticket products you can promote according to your niche and your audience.  Here is a nice read which will help you to find High ticket affiliate programs

44 High Ticket Affiliate Programs.  Big Price = More $$$


Affiliate marketing no doubt is a very lucrative business online with the launch of new products daily.  by promoting these products through your content, you can earn a handsome commission for you.

Promoting high ticket or low ticket product is a personal choice, what is your take on the subject.  What would you prefer? or what products are you promoting through your website or youtube videos?

I personally like to promote both of them in equal promotion, so my readers can have a variety of choices while making a choice.

I would really like to know your opinion and if you have any questions pl let me know, I will be glad to answer them.

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