7 Tips Everyone Should Know About Writing A Blog Post For Website

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Do you find content creation or writing a blog post a difficult task? I know, when I started out, writing a blog post was a tough job for me.  It’s not though that I was bad at writing, on the contrary, most of the times I find myself writing down my feelings, frustrations easier.

For many years, writing my thoughts was a part of my life, but then you know writing for your blog post is an altogether different cup of tea.

You are writing for an audience, for a reader who is behind that device at the same time, to reach that reader you need to cross the hurdle of SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  You need to learn the basics of the SEO, to reach your audience.

It’s a fact, that unless and until you know how to optimize your content, it is almost impossible to reach on the top page of Google or for that matter any search engine.

But do not worry, it’s not that difficult to optimize your content and reach to your readers.  Here are tips on writing a Blog Post for Your Website.

  1. Keyword Research

Before Writing a blog post for your website, it is important to find out what your readers or audience is searching for, what information they are looking for, or what problem you can solve for them, what are their pain point.

The easiest way to find out what your audience is searching for is by doing keyword research.  I know you all know how to do keyword research, but if you want more information, Click Here.

There are many keyword research tools are available, you can use any of those, I prefer Jaaxy for all my writings.

You can use:

Google Autosuggest


Market Samurai

Keywords Everywhere or if you want to try Jaaxy, here is your Free Trial of Jaaxy.

Once you find the right keyword >100 monthly searches and < 100 QSR, or low hanging fruit, now it’s time to head over to write your blog post.

2.Great Title which raises emotions

The most important thing when it comes to grabbing the attention of your readers is a powerful attractive title.

Even if you have written a great post, but if the heading is not attractive, it is possible that your content gets unnoticed.

It is important that your title should raise curiosity and emotions within your reader, you should write a title which gets a good click-through rate.

Most popular forms of headlines are :

How to headlines

How to Test Your Small Business Idea?

How to Make Money Online From Home

How to Get On Page One of Google Fast

How To Get Traffic with Quora

List Post headlines

10 Simple Tips On How To Write Quality Content

10 Simple Tips On How to Write Good Meta Description

12 Reasons to Buy Gorilla Tripod

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Email Marketing Immediately

Top 3 Black Onyx Jewelry for Protection

You can also use Headline Generator like:

Tweak Your Biz


Kickass Headline Generator by Sumo

3. Headings and Subheadings

While writing a blog post for your website it is important to divide your topic into headings and subheadings.  It will make easy for your readers to easily understand the subject.

Always make headings H2 or H3, depending upon your theme, so it will stand out than other content ideas.  It will also help search engines, to understand the importance and sequence of the headings and subheadings.

The most prominent idea should be on the top, and then other ideas or topic should follow in the subheadings.  It will make your content more readable and also it will look nice and well-articulated.

Since Google, made prefer the detailed and in-depth articles, the minimum word count for any blog post is 1000 words, so from readers point of view, it is important to make the content easy to read and digestible.

4.  Get the Message Very Clear

It is important to keep in mind, what your audience is looking for and you should try your best to make that message very clear through your blog post.

Write in a very simple language, you do not need to write a scholarly article, which your reader need to read with the help of a dictionary.

Most of the times, today’s’ reader first skim the article, if he finds that your blog post is really useful for him then only he reads the full article, so it is important to grab his attention in few words and few lines.

5. Diverse Types of Post

It is important to write a variety of posts on your website.  If you are writing review posts, write product reviews, service reviews, top 10 posts and so on.

Always mix your content with informative posts.  The content ration of your website should be 80:20 for product reviews and informative posts.

If you only write product reviews, it will become monotonous, and your reader may find it very typical, without any innovation.

6.  Create Your Own Writing Style

Today the content is being produced as never before, every day ton of articles get published on Google and it has become hard to grab the readers attention.

So in this situation, it is important to create your own writing style, add a bit of humor to your blog posts if possible.

It is ok to follow and copy someone else’s style in the beginning but you should always aim to create your own writing style.

7. Follow and Read the Successful Blogs

As a blogger, you need to constantly update and write new blog posts for your website.  So follow some established blogs and bloggers in your niche.

You will get an idea about what these successful blogs writing about, what the latest trends are and so on.  You can follow these topics on your website, with your own style.  Do not copy, but take inspiration from these blogs.  Some of the blogs I would recommend are:


Smart Blogger


Highly Recommended: How to Write a Copy that Sells

Create a Blog and Editorial Planner


Writing a blog post for your website, should not be a tough job after reading all these tips.  Because it should not be difficult.  the most important is to communicate with your audience in a conservative tone.

You do not need to complicate the things, explain your ideas and concepts in simpler ways, also it is important to pay due attention to SEO.  Without SEO it will be very difficult to rank your content in search engines and to reach your goals.

If you follow these 7 tips, I am sure you will definitely come up with new ideas for your blog post.  Other than these tips, which tips would you like to add this list.

Do you follow any checklist that you use for writing content, if so would you like to share with readers?  And if you have any questions or suggestions pl let me know in the comments below.  I would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.

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